Send a letter to the editor/opinion editorial to newspapers in the unratified states.


This is a campaign to solicit local awareness and support in the states where the ERA has still not been ratified - AL, AZ, AR, FL, GA, LA, MO, MS, NC, OK, SC, UT, VA.   


If you are voter in one of these states or a former resident, consider writing a Letter to the Editor of your local newspaper.   You should call upon citizens to support the ERA and call upon their state legislature members to ratify the ERA.

Here are some potential talking points:

  • 85% of all nations have equal rights in their constitutions - and if your resident country does then include that along with how it has helped, not hurt women
  • Women need protection under the constitution since laws supporting equal rights can be changed 
  • If a male, state you support it for your mother, daughter, sister

Note that you should try to keep your comments as non-partisan as possible.