Democrats Abroad has launched several ERA Campaigns.  These are designed so that an American living abroad can participate.  We also encourage you to share this information with your friends back home - especially if they live in one of the unratified states.

Click on the links for the details and guidelines of each of our campaigns.  PLEASE NOTE the state legislative session dates by state to know if you are in time or not for 2023.

US Level

State Level

  • Letter to the Editor/Op-Ed - Write a letter to the editor encouraging ratification of ERA
  • Postcards - Send postcards to state legislature members
  • Letters - Send letters to state legislature members
  • Emails - Send emails to state legislature members
  • Local Resolutions - Contact local city council members to pass ERA resolutions

Prior Campaigns:

  • Photos - Take a photo of yourself showing you support ERA
  • Videos - Create a short video showing you support ERA
  • Petition - Collect signatures from overseas Americans for ERA
  • Tell Your Story - Write a short blurb on why ERA is important to you