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Help win back the House and Senate

Americans abroad can vote in elections for federal office: every overseas voter is entitled to vote for U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative. Remember that every seat in the House is up for election. And Democrats are defending 26 of the 34 seats up for election in the Senate so we need to get out every vote.

Overseas votes can make a difference in the midterm elections, when turnout is typically lower than in years of Presidential elections. Every vote counts and very few votes can swing an election (or a state legislature!) from red to blue. Many Americans abroad can vote in crucial races at the state and local level, which will influence redistricting after 2020.

Voter drives around the world

The New Year rings in the beginning of Voter Registration Season for Democrats Abroad, and drives have already begun around the world. Many countries and chapters are organizing March To the Ballot Box Voting Drives over the weekend of January 20-21, marking the anniversary of the Women's March and our collective activism by encouraging voters to take the first step by completing the ballot request right away. It only takes minutes and will demonstrate your commitment to taking back control in the Senate and House​.​

Remember, Americans abroad need to send a ballot request in the calendar year we want to vote. Even voters who cast ballots this past November or in a recent Special Election must request their ballot again for 2018. This is the only way we are guaranteed the federal protections promised to overseas voters and that our ballots will be counted. Only one request is needed per year for all elections, including primaries that begin in March.

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