The DA Greece leaders are:

13 directory listings

Brady Kiesling

Greece Country Chair (2023-2024)
Sarajane Kidd Leone

Marion Kavallieros

Jan Sanders

Secretary, Democrats Abroad Greece
Peter Baiter

Thessaloniki Chapter Representative
Randall Warner

Thessaloniki Chapter Chair
Gina Billy

At Large Representative
Charity Moschopoulos

GOTV Chair, Counsel
Karen Lee

DPCA Voting Rep, DAGR Comm Chair, GSC Member-at-Large, GSC Steering, Ohio Team Co-Lead
Tyler Boersen

Athens Chapter Representative
Daniel Roberts

At Large Representative
Nikki Fellouris

Events Chair
Stacey Harris-Papaioannou

2023 Fundraising Chair, 2019 - 2023 Greece Country Chair, 2019 Greece Vice Chair, [email protected]
Committee leaders are either elected or appointed. Elections are held in odd numbered years in accordance with the DPCA Charter.