Electoral College in the Crosshairs

Electoral College “Graduation Celebration”
Dec 15, 8 p.m.
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The Electoral College votes on Dec 14, putting the official stamp to the election of the President and Vice President of the USA. Having won the popular vote across the country, and among Americans abroad, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris still had to pass a long, drawn-out campaign of opposition lies and lawsuits to certify the vote in “key states” so elevated by the archaic Electoral College mechanism.

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Final Stretch: We’re Not Done Yet!

Most of us abroad have voted, and deadlines are closing in for the rest. Calling campaigns are winding down and plans for a global Election Watch party are about to be announced.

And a few of us have missed their deadline, missed the 2020 Good Ship Biden! But there’s still a lot ALL of us can do!

Stateside, the beat goes on, right up to November 3 and after. So, if you’re feeling anxious about the results, check some of these opportunities.

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A Ballot for Biden is Best for Greece and Best for the US

RSVP to leave your questions and receive Zoom link Thursday afternoon.

Prospects for sustainable peace in the region under a Biden presidency will be the focus when foreign policy veterans and experts from the Biden campaign meet in an online webinar.

Thursday, October 8th
9 to 10:30 pm
On Zoom

The public is invited along with members and friends of Democrats Abroad Greece. 

Speakers include John McCarthy, Deputy Political Director for Joe Biden 2020, retired U.S. Ambassador Thomas Miller and retired Greek Ambassador Dimitrios Tsikouris. They will be joined by Bonnie Miller and DA Regional Vice Chair for EMEA region, Will Bakker. The discussion, with a question and answer session following, will focus on how Vice President Biden’s diplomacy can best serve US-Greek relations and lighten regional tensions.

The webinar is organized by Biden supporters in Greece with organizational support from Democrats Abroad Greece, Greek Women for Biden and Greek Americans for Biden/Harris  It is further endorsed by Greek Americans for Biden and the Ethnic Caucus for the DC Democratic State Committee.

RSVP for “A Ballot for Biden is Best for Greece and Best for the US” to present your questions and receive a link to connect to the webinar. The Zoom link will be sent to attendees by email on Thursday, October 8th after 5 pm.

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1st Presidential Debate Watch

Debating Democracy
Biden/Trump duke it out!
Wednesday - September 30 - 8 pm
Zoom online

We may not be able to come together in person, in order to remain safe and healthy, thanks to Covid, but we can certainly gather online!

Please join us on September 30th, beginning at 8 pm via a ZOOM Meeting, to watch the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

It will air live in the US at 3 am Greek time (that’s Tuesday night, wee hours). We will stream it on Wednesday evening, during our ZOOM meeting, beginning at 8 pm. Once completed, we’ll follow up with dialogue about the issues addressed.

You can also submit general questions or concerns about absentee voting. We will address those items following the Debate watch.

Please fill in the RSVP for the DAGR First Presidential Debate-Dialogue via Zoom a
You will receive a link by email on Wednesday afternoon, to join the DAGR Debate Watch and Dialogue.

What Is Being Done To Our Postal Service?

My daughter was married last summer. If I'd been in The States in April she would have let me address the invitations. I am not an artist or a calligrapher. I am a sixty-something year old woman who has enormous respect for an envelope. Addressing a letter that communicates love, grief, hope, thanks, aspirations – all the panoply of human conditions – is an act of intention and importance.

Possibly, I came to this understanding because I had difficulties in school in my early years. I was a terrible speller and most of my papers were marked down for “Sloppy” due to erasures. But that was in the 1960's and I was expected to write “Thank You” cards for birthday and Christmas presents. When I misspelled Mineappolis I had to tear up the envelope and do it again. It was a bit nerve-racking and left tragically envelope-less cards. But, then I'd get the reward of climbing in the station wagon with my dad and driving to the downtown post office to catch the late night pick-up.

And, there was the elation of actually receiving mail. I had one, girl cousin my age and we wrote to each other. We also had pen pals at school. And there were the special days when the mail brought the “Weekly Reader” or books that we bought for 65 cents from the Scholastic Book Club.

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Thessaloniki’s GetOutTheVote (GOTV) Campaign at the American Farm School!

Thessaloniki’s GetOutTheVote (GOTV) campaign in reached out to the American Farm School Teaching Fellows and other US citizens on campus this week. The goal, apart from a fun and safe social gathering, was to resolve pending voter registration issues and to see that all have submitted the FWAB. AFS voters, including those pictured here, hail from the battleground and postal-only ballot return states of CA, FL IL, IN, MD, MI, MN, PA and TX.

POISED TO VOTE: Got Your Crayolas and Paste?

POISED TO VOTE: Got Your Crayolas and Paste?

It’s Friday, folks! Shops are open tonight. And tomorrow morning. But you may have other plans. So, now is the time to make sure you’ve got everything you need for your first day at school to vote and mail your ballot back to the US!

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DETAILS COUNT! Follow the instructions!

Whether you have registered for a mail-in ballot from your state, intend to submit a Federal Write-In Absentee Ballot (FWAB) or will send in both – or even if you are voting via email – it is critical to read the instructions first before completing your ballot. No one wants a disqualified ballot!

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What is an FWAB and Why Should I Care?


FWAB stands for Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot. In past years, we’ve used the FWAB if we tracked our regular ballot and learned it had not arrived. For instance, if we mailed our ballot back by Oct 1st or so, and it hadn’t arrived at our county board of election by Oct 15, we might send an FWAB, possibly by express mail or courier.

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A Round Tuit

Are you registered for 2020? Have you requested your ballot?

You’ve heard it at least 100 times! And you’ve thought, “I’m going to do that just as soon as I get around to it.” Well, Fellow Voter, this is your round tuit!

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