Happy New Year from Julia Bryan!

Dear Democrat,
There are few things more thrilling for a voting advocate than rolling into an election year. Finally, we can help folk get registered and request their ballots. All the planning comes to fruition, our help desk queues fill up, we start pinging our friends and stopping strangers with American accents in the street.
The GOTV global email we sent out this week caught hold of that enthusiasm and many members responded by going to votefromabroad.org to request their ballots. Many others though didn’t open the email (global emails are like that). If you can, please send out a local GOTV New Years email to your membership with a similar message. Local emails have high open rates and your members will thank you. Me too.
The GOTV team is rolling out more GOTV training in phone banking and voter registration. Interested? Get in touch at gotv@democratsabroad.org. They are also sending out emails to members for special elections. Check out the 2018 GOTV calendar for more information (it’s linked at the end of this newsletter).
January’s a busy month in DA thanks also to the DA membership cleanup (the deadline is January 31st). Looking for a fast way to refresh your membership? Send all of your expired members to votefromabroad.org – anyone who uses it gets automatically updated. You win twice.
The Taxation team has just released their fantastic Taxation Team Year in Review. If you’re sending out a newsletter this month to your members, consider highlighting it. We’ve done many many things in the tax realm this last year and we should let our members know about how our fantastic team has fought for them. https://www.democratsabroad.org/ttf_year_in_review
Shari wants to let you know that the 126 women’s caucus calendars still remaining are now on sale at $5 a piece. Get in touch with her today about picking up yours.
Our next ExCom meeting is today at 8am DC time. As always we'd be delighted to have you join as a guest. If you're interested, just get in touch with Jeffrey Cheng at secretary@democratsabroad.org and he'll send you the link to the meeting.
Thank you for all that you do, and Happy 2018! Here's to taking back the House and the Senate this year!
Best, Julia
Julia Bryan
International Chair, Democrats Abroad
Mark your calendars
March to the Ballot Box – January 20th - 21st, 2018
Membership Cleanup Deadline – January 31st, 2018
Texas primary – March 6, 2018
Annual General Meeting – May 25 - 27th, 2018
More 2018 GOTV Calendar dates: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1LAk6AEtd0EKY68R2vXiouTCcn29vZrax0YslB_l70rg/edit
DAGT Note: A few calendars from the DAGT fundraiser are still available for $5. Keep in mind that comparing a $25 contribution to our fundraiser would be less expensive than having to pay the $30 transport fee from Germany to Guatemala and then dealing with local customs.