2018’s Primary Season Wraps Up With The Granite State

Once again, Democrats have proven that they will come out in large numbers when the election stakes are high, like we just saw in New Hampshire. Now that we know who will be on the ballot for November, we are ready to finalize our candidate endorsements.

As such, the names you see below in bold font are proudly endorsed by the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus. They deserve your support in November.
Molly Kelly (challenger to pro-dirty energy, incumbent GOP Gov. Chris Sununu)

U.S. House of Representatives
NH-1:  Chris Pappas (challenger to open seat)
NH-2:  Annie Kuster (INCUMBENT)

And there it is, ladies and gentlemen, y damas y caballeros. Unfortunately, we have two more months of having to deal with a pro-locking migrant children in cages administration, state legislatures who oppose women’s reproductive rights, unqualified Cabinet members, and other dreadful political conditions. The good news, however, is that some ballots for the General Election have already been sent off to U.S. citizens overseas (a.k.a. “UOCAVA voters”).

So before you get caught up and busy with your favorite NFL team, before you get too busy with Halloween plans, and before those of you in the Northern Hemisphere start your winter vacation planning, please make sure that filling our your ballot and mailing/e-mailing/faxing it back is among your highest priorities. Now that, friends, is patriotic.