Hispanic Caucus - Endorsements

Endorsement for Jose Villa, SC State Senate District 4

The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus hereby proudly endorses Jose Villa to represent District 4 in the South Carolina State Senate.

Jose Villa was raised in a bilingual Mexican-American household, and has called South Carolina home for two decades. In that time he has worked tirelessly as an electrician, construction worker and craftsman. As a result of his multifaceted background and insight into Mexican and American life, he can provide an effective counterbalance to self-serving politics in South Carolina.

District 4 represents parts of Abbeville, Anderson and Greenwood Counties in South Carolina’s Piedmont region. Residents of Hispanic or Latinx descent make up just shy of 6% of these three counties’ populations combined, and the community is severely underrepresented at the local political level.

This is Jose’s first major foray into the political realm, and he ran uncontested in the Democratic primary. Yet the issues that he wants to tackle have long hung heavily over South Carolinians who want change in their state: immigration, criminal justice,  healthcare and economic invigoration, to name a few. In a state that ranks 46th nationwide in criminal justice, 36th in healthcare and 43rd in education, the change that Jose aims to bring is paramount to the state’s future.

As State Senator for District 4 the onus would rest on Jose Villa to reinvigorate this economically diverse district, with its core industries ranging from agriculture and manufacturing to life science. This is no easy task, but as the child of immigrants Jose is no stranger to challenges. We, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus, have full faith in his plan for South Carolina and are proud to endorse him.

You can learn more about Jose Villa and his plan for District 4 at https://joseforscsenate.com/

Endorsement for Mondaire Jones for Congress NY 17

The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus hereby proudly endorses Mondaire Jones For Congress NY 17

Mondaire was born to a young, single mother at Nyack Hospital and raised in the working-class Village of Spring Valley, which is in Rockland County.  Life wasn’t easy, but the Jones family managed. He went on to revive the Spring Valley NAACP Youth Council and at 19 was elected chair of a committee on the NAACP’s National Board of Directors.  After college, Mondaire served in the Obama Administration in the Office of Legal Policy at the Department of Justice where the slow pace of judicial confirmations showed him what can happen when Democrats in Congress allow Republicans to block progress instead of fighting tooth-and-nail for the American people. 

Mondaire has a passion for helping his community.  The issues he will address run from the Green New Deal, to Medicaid for all, to minimum wages and housing issues.  He has the backing of the progressive wing of the party, including Sen. Bernie Sanders, Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.Jones.  

NY 17 in the Hudson Valley is made up of Rockland Country and Central and Northern Westchester.  An area that really needs someone like Mondaire to fight for bold, progressive policies that will help everyday people.

You can learn more about Mondaire Jones and his platform at: https://mondaireforcongress.com

Mensaje en Apoyo del Fiscal de la Ciudad de San Francisco

Como la quinta área metropolitana más densamente poblada de los Estados Unidos, San Francisco encabeza el área de la Bahía de California como un faro cultural, comercial y financiero, tanto a nivel nacional como internacional.  La oficina del Fiscal de la Ciudad es muy influyente con responsabilidades tales como defender las libertades civiles y proteger a los consumidores e inquilinos.  En la era actual de Trump, cuando las órdenes ejecutivas antiamericanas han amenazado con retener los fondos federales en nombre de la política partidista, es crucial contar con un Fiscal de la Ciudad fuerte que no tenga miedo a luchar contra la explotación en los niveles más altos.

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Endorsement Announcement For City Attorney of San Francisco

As the fifth most densely-populated metro area in the United States, San Francisco heads the California Bay Area as a cultural, commercial, and financial beacon both nationally and abroad. The office of City Attorney is highly influential with responsibilities such as defending civil liberties and protecting consumers and tenants. In the current Trump era, when anti-American executive orders have threatened to withhold federal funding in the name of partisan politics, having a strong City Attorney who is unafraid of standing up against exploitation at the highest levels, is crucial.

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Respaldo a Candidata: ¡Romero Alcaldesa!

La Comisión Directiva del Caucus Hispano de Democrats Abroad se enorgullece en darle el respaldo a Regina Romero, destacada representante municipal y actual candidata para la alcaldía de Tucson, Arizona. 

Al igual que muchos de los miembros, Regina Romero viene de una familia bilingüe y bicultural de inmigrantes. Al terminar sus estudios en la Universidad de Arizona, ella ha luchado durante muchos años por familias de clase trabajadora y la comunidad latina de Tucson. Como aliada de nuestra causa, ella es una feroz defensora de políticas proambiente, proeducación, y  prolegalización del derecho a decidir sobre el aborto. Hace doce años, Romero logró una hazaña histórica al convertirse en la primera mujer en representar el Primer Distrito del Consejo Municipal de Tucson. Nosotros creemos que su candidatura conllevará una ciudad más segura, más limpia, más justa, más sostenible  y mejor capacitada de dar oportunidades laborales bien remuneradas a familias trabajadoras.

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Candidate Endorsement: Romero For Tucson

The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee is proud to endorse Regina Romero, an ambitious and accomplished Latinx councilwoman and current Democratic nominee for mayor of Tucson, Arizona.

Like many members of our caucus, Regina Romero comes from a bilingual and bicultural family of immigrants. Educated at the University of Arizona, she has been fighting for years on behalf of Tucson’s Latino community and working class families. As an ally of our advocacy, she is a staunch defender of pro-environment, pro-education, and pro-choice policies. Twelve years ago, Romero broke the glass ceiling when she was sworn-in as the first woman to represent the Tucson City Council’s First District. In her bid to become the next mayor of Tucson, we believe that the city will be safer, cleaner, fairer, more sustainable, and better able to provide good-paying job opportunities to working-class families.

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Declaración de Respaldo Sobre la Elección de Comisionado de la 2o Distrito de Grand Rapids

Los comisionados de distrito en Grand Rapids, Michigan, similares a los miembros del consejo municipal en otros municipios, son los principales responsables de legislar en nombre de la ciudad.
Milinda Ysasi, candidata por primera vez, se postula para un puesto vacante en el 2o Distrito. Su candidatura ofrece una visión nueva y necesaria para ayudar a transformar el área en un lugar acogedor para inmigrantes, personas de color, y aquellos que buscan oportunidades económicas y de negocios.

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Endorsement Statement on Grand Rapids’ 2nd Ward Commissioner Race

Ward commissioners in Grand Rapids, Michigan, similar to city council members in other municipalities, are primarily responsible for legislating on behalf of the city.

First-time candidate Milinda Ysasi is running for an open seat in the 2nd Ward. Her candidacy offers a fresh vision needed for helping transform the area into a welcoming place for immigrants, people of color, and those seeking economic and business opportunities.

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Ratificación del Comité Directivo: Phil Hernández para el Distrito 100 de Virginia

El Comité Directivo del Caucus Demócrata Hispano de los Demócratas en el Extranjero se complace en unirse al ejército de partidarios de #PhilFam y orgullosamente apoyar a Phil Hernández para el Distrito 100 en la Cámara de Delegados de Virginia. 

La conmovedora historia de vida de Hernández surgiendo desde su orígen humilde resuena con los votantes de la comunidad (Commonwealth). Como becario y ex estudiante extranjero en el Reino Unido, Hernández comprende la importancia de las comunicaciones interculturales, una necesidad crítica para tratar eficazmente con el creciente número de inmigrantes en Virginia, muchos de los cuales son de ascendencia hispana. Aún más, el trabajo legal sin fines de lucro de Hernández por los derechos de los trabajadores y las familias de bajos ingresos demuestra su compromiso con la comunidad.  Su experiencia en el análisis de políticas ambientales mientras prestaba servicios en la administración Obama lo prepara aún más para ser un delegado sobresaliente y una voz fuerte para todas las personas de este distrito.

 El martes 5 de noviembre, los votantes del distrito 100 de Virginia tendrán una opción clara.  Pueden optar por apoyar al Delegado actual y su agenda, que incluye ignorar los derechos de la mujer al rechazar la Enmienda de Igualdad de Derechos y aceptar donaciones de la Asociación Nacional del Rifle.  O pueden elegir a Phil Hernández, un servidor público apasionado y dedicado que exige mejoras en las escuelas  y un aire más limpio, y así cambiar este escaño de rojo a azul.  El Comité Directivo del Caucus Hispano de los Demócratas en el Extranjero insta a todos los votantes en el extranjero del Distrito 100 de la Cámara de Virginia a solicitar su boleta (en inglés o español) y votar por el candidato Demócrata latinoamericano Phil Hernández.  

Puede encontrar información general adicional para los votantes en el extranjero de Virginia, así como  información sobre la fecha límite para votar.

Steering Committee Endorsement: Phil Hernandez For Virginia’s 100th District

The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee is pleased to join the army of #PhilFam supporters and proudly endorses Phil Hernandez for the 100th District in Virginia’s House of Delegates. 

Hernandez’s compelling life story of rising from humble beginnings resonates with the Commonwealth’s voters. As a scholarship recipient and former study-abroad student in the United Kingdom, Hernandez understands the importance of intercultural communications – a critical necessity in dealing effectively with the growing number of immigrants in Virginia, many of whom are of Hispanic descent. Moreover, Hernandez’s non-profit legal work for the rights of working people and low-income families demonstrates his commitment to the community. His environmental policy analysis experience while serving in the Obama administration further prepares him to be an outstanding delegate and a strong voice for all the people of this district.

On Tuesday, November 5th, voters of Virginia’s 100th district will have a clear choice. They can choose to support the incumbent and his agenda which includes ignoring women’s rights by rejecting the Equal Rights Amendment and accepting donations from the National Rifle Association. Or they can choose Phil Hernandez, a passionate and dedicated public servant who demands improved schools and cleaner air, and thus flip this seat from red to blue. The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee urges all overseas constituents of Virginia’s 100th House District to request their ballot (in English or Spanish) and elect Latinx Democratic candidate Phil Hernandez. 

Additional general information for overseas Virginia voters can be found here, and more information about Virginia’s deadlines for voters can be found here.