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Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Endorsement for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District

It is no accident that the North Carolina State Board of Elections has called for a new election to fill a congressional seat in the 9th District. What Republicans in this area immediately east and southeast of Charlotte call “voting irregularities,” we call FRAUD.

While North Carolinians have gotten a wake-up call in recent GOP scandals, Democrats are offering voters a fresh congressional candidate named Dan McCready. Dan honorably served in the Marine Corps, champions the protection of voting rights and strongly opposes any type of voter suppression -- especially among communities of color, and favors comprehensive immigration reform legislation which includes common-sense bipartisan measures such as protecting so-called “Dreamers” from deportation, among other critical issue stances.

The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee heartily endorses Dan McCready as North Carolina’s next U.S. representative. We strongly urge all NC-09 voters living abroad to request their ballots from VoteFromAbroad.org and support Dan McCready in the 2019 General Election to complete the 2018 Blue Wave.

U.S. House of Representatives

NC-09: Dan McCready (challenger to open seat)

Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Endorsement for Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District

Given his strong stance on protecting Social Security from reckless Trump-proposed cuts, his desire to legislatively work to lower the cost of prescription drugs, and his firm belief that all Americans are equal and should be treated equally under the law, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus is pleased to support Democratic candidate Marc Friedenberg in his campaign to be the Keystone State's newest member of Congress. The caucus urges all PA-12 voters to use VoteFromAbroad.org to request their ballot and send it back well before the May 22nd special election date.


U.S. House of Representatives
PA-12:  Marc Friedenberg (challenger to open seat)

Links To All 2018 Endorsements By The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus

Please see below to view your voting state and the corresponding link for who we, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus, endorse in this year’s General Election. Many of these candidates have demonstrated a commitment to uphold Democratic values, work toward improving Latino communities, legislate on bettering health care, protect “DREAMers” and other vulnerable immigrant groups, take action on gun violence, pledge to listen to the concerns of Americans living abroad, and other items we strongly support.










District of Columbia












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2018’s Primary Season Wraps Up With The Granite State

Once again, Democrats have proven that they will come out in large numbers when the election stakes are high, like we just saw in New Hampshire. Now that we know who will be on the ballot for November, we are ready to finalize our candidate endorsements.

As such, the names you see below in bold font are proudly endorsed by the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus. They deserve your support in November.
Molly Kelly (challenger to pro-dirty energy, incumbent GOP Gov. Chris Sununu)

U.S. House of Representatives
NH-1:  Chris Pappas (challenger to open seat)
NH-2:  Annie Kuster (INCUMBENT)

And there it is, ladies and gentlemen, y damas y caballeros. Unfortunately, we have two more months of having to deal with a pro-locking migrant children in cages administration, state legislatures who oppose women’s reproductive rights, unqualified Cabinet members, and other dreadful political conditions. The good news, however, is that some ballots for the General Election have already been sent off to U.S. citizens overseas (a.k.a. “UOCAVA voters”).

So before you get caught up and busy with your favorite NFL team, before you get too busy with Halloween plans, and before those of you in the Northern Hemisphere start your winter vacation planning, please make sure that filling our your ballot and mailing/e-mailing/faxing it back is among your highest priorities. Now that, friends, is patriotic.

Two States Ready Dem Candidates For November


The future of Delaware and Massachusetts is looking pretty darn bright. Candidates running for election or reelection this fall include those who are proven legislative warriors, champions of progressive values, and visionaries with bold ideas for reforming our country.

Mass. voters faced minor glitches here and there, while voters from the First State continued to show confidence in their senior U.S. senator by keepinghis unbeaten streak intact, having never lost an election since his first campaign in 1976.

The names you see below in bold font are proudly endorsed by the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus. They deserve your support in November.


Jay Gonzalez  (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Charlie “Servant to Anyone but the Public” Baker)

U.S. Senate
Elizabeth Warren  (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
MA-1:  Richard Neal  (INCUMBENT)
MA-2:  Jim McGovern  (INCUMBENT)
MA-3:  Lori Trahan  (challenger to open seat)
MA-4:  Joe Kennedy  (INCUMBENT)
MA-5:  Katherine Clark  (INCUMBENT)
MA-6:  Seth Moulton  (INCUMBENT)
MA-7:  Ayanna Presley  (challenger to open seat)
MA-8:  Stephen Lynch  (INCUMBENT)
MA-9:  Bill Keating  (INCUMBENT)


Colleen Davis  (challenger to incumbent GOP Treas. Ken Simpler)

Attorney General
Kathleen Jennings  (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senator
Tom Carper  (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
DE  (At-Large): Lisa Blunt Rochester  (INCUMBENT)

Delaware House of Representatives
DE-22:  Guillermina González  (challenger to open seat)


For MA and DE voters living overseas, even though you may have just voted in your state’s primary, please ensure that you will also be getting a ballot mailed to you for November – this is the critical next step in taking back our country.


Spotlight On Voters’ Picks In Sunshine State, Grand Canyon State

To recap last week’s election results, some spectacular candidates have emerged from the primaries. For instance, Debbie Mucarsel-Powell is a top-notch candidate ready to topple a GOP incumbent in Florida. And then we have proven champions for the working class and the Latino community running for reelection such as Congressman Grijalva in Arizona. Republicans from the White House to the Capitol Building to the campaign trail are scrambling to clean up their messes. We absolutely need to pounce on these opportunities by first ensuring that all of us have requested our ballots for the General Election.

If you are an Arizonan or Floridian abroad who is unsure of who to vote for after receiving your ballot for November, see the candidates’ names below in bold fontof who the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus lends our endorsement.


David Garcia  (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Doug Ducey)

Secretary of State
Katie Hobbs  (challenger to open seat)

Attorney General
January Contreras  (challenger to incumbent GOP Atty. Gen. Mark Brnovich)

Mark Manoil  (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate
Kyrsten Sinema  (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. House of Representatives
AZ-1:  Tom O’Halleran  (INCUMBENT)
AZ-2:  Ann Kirkpatrick  (challenger to open seat)
AZ-3:  Raúl Grijalva  (INCUMBENT; member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
AZ-4:  David Brill  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Paul Gosar)
AZ-5:  Joan Greene  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Andy Biggs)
AZ-6:  Anita Malik  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Dave Schweikert)
AZ-7:  Ruben Gallego  (INCUMBENT; member of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
AZ-8:  Hiral Tiperneni  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Debbie Lesko) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
AZ-9:  Greg Stanton  (challenger to open seat)

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Two States And One Territory Draw Attention This Week - Alaska, Guam and Wyoming

Former Obama Cabinet member Julián Castro, a rising superstar within the Democratic Party, recently stated, “Let Donald Trump and other others focus on the past. I’m not interested in making America great again. I’m interested in making it better than it ever has been.” We couldn’t agree more. But in order to halt the devastating GOP agenda and instead enact policies which actually help American families and businesses at the end of the day, we must begin the crucial step of electing the best candidates to represent our shared values.

If you are a voter from Alaska, Wyoming, or Guam, see below the candidates whose names are in bold font to see who we recommend you support on your ballot for the General Election in November.



Mark Begich (challenger to open seat)

U.S. House of Representatives
AK (At-Large):  Alyse Galvin (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Don Young) ←This would be a major Democratic victory



No endorsement

U.S. Delegate
GU (At-Large):  Michael San Nicolas (challenger to open seat)



Mary Throne (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. Senate
Gary Trauner (challenger to incumbent GOP Sen. John Barrasso) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. House of Representatives
WY (At-Large):  Greg Hunter (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Liz Cheney)


Primaries Continue With WI-KS-MI-HI-MO-WA Voters Pumping Out Quality Democrats

Let’s briefly pause and take a moment to view the faces of some Americans who I guarantee you will be voting in November’s General Election.

Again – these are the people who would love nothing more than to re-elect the same Republicans to office who preach “the importance of families” but turn a blind eye when it comes to ripping families apart at the border, hope that DACA enrollees are deported despite their innocence in coming to the U.S. in the first place, slash budgets on America’s election security, expand private for-profit prisons, and aim to do so much more irreversible damage to our country.

But the Hispanic Caucus is ready to prevent these voters from getting their wish-list fulfilled.

You and I and millions of other Americans are going to outnumber them in votes. And we must if we hope to defend America’s democracy. And we’re going to tell every U.S. expat we come across to make sure they use VoteFromAbroad.org to request their ballot for November’s nationwide election. Otherwise, the voters pictured above will give us two more years of tyranny by the administration and absolutely no constitutional oversight by Congress, and those on the state level will continue punishing Americans of color through deliberate gerrymandering, extremist judicial appointments, and other unthinkable acts.

For voters in Michigan, Kansas, Hawai‘i, Missouri, and Washington, please note the below candidates in bold font. These candidates have earned the Hispanic Caucus’ endorsement, and we hope you consider supporting them too as soon as you receive your ballot.



Gretchen Whitmer (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. Senate
Debbie Stabenow (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
MI-1:  (no endorsement)
MI-2:  Rob Davidson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Bill Huizenga)
MI-3:  Cathy Albro (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Justin Amash)
MI-4:  Jerry Hilliard (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. John Moolenaar)
MI-5:  Dan Kildee (INCUMBENT)
MI-6:  Matt Longjohn (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Fred Upton)
MI-7:  Gretchen Driskell (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Tim Walberg)
MI-8:  Elissa Slotkin (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mike Bishop)
MI-9:  Andy Levin (challenger to open seat)
MI-10:  Kimberly Bizon (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Paul Mitchell)
MI-11:  Haley Stevens (challenger to open seat)
MI-12:  Debbie Dingell (INCUMBENT)
MI-13:  Rashida Tlaib (challenger to open seat)
MI-14:  Brenda Lawrence (INCUMBENT)


(The WA Secretary of State certifies final results on August 24th)

U.S. Senate
Maria Cantwell (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
WA-1:  Suzan DelBene (INCUMBENT)
WA-2:  (no endorsement as of Aug. 14th; subject to change)
WA-3:  Carolyn Long (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler)
WA-4:  Christine Brown (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Dan Newhouse)
WA-5:  Lisa Brown (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
WA-6:  Derek Kilmer (INCUMBENT)
WA-7:  Pramila Jayapal (INCUMBENT)
WA-8:  (no endorsement as of Aug. 14th; subject to change)
WA-9:  (no endorsement)
WA-10:  Denny Heck (INCUMBENT)



U.S. Senate
Claire McCaskill (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
MO-1:  William Lacy Clay (INCUMBENT)
MO-2:  Cort VanOstran (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Ann Wagner)
MO-3:  Katy Geppert (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer)
MO-4:  Renee Hoagensen (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Vicky Hartzler)
MO-5:  Emanuel Cleaver (INCUMBENT)
MO-6:  Henry Martin (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Sam Graves) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
MO-7:  Jamie Schoolcraft (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Billy Long)
MO-8:  Kathy Ellis (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jason Smith)




U.S. Senate
Mazie Hirono (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
HI-1:  Ed Case (challenger to open seat)
HI-2:  Tulsi Gabbard (INCUMBENT)



Laura Kelly (challenger to open seat)

U.S. House of Representatives
KS-1:  Alan LaPolice (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Roger Marshall)
KS-2:  Paul Davis (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
KS-3:  Sharice Davids (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Kevin Yoder)
KS-4:  James Thompson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Ron Estes)


Not only must we flip seats all over the country from red to blue, but equally important is ensuring that all of us fervently defend the Democratic seats we currently do hold. Once again, requesting your ballot for the General Election is key to making the Blue Wave possible. Please go to VoteFromAbroad.org if you have not done so already.

-Michael Ramos
DA Hispanic Caucus

Democratic Incumbents And Fresh Faces In WI-MN-CT-VT On The Road To November Victory

Are you as pumped up about the General Election in November as I am? Democrats from all over the country have churned out some amazing candidates and it’s going to be a refreshing feeling to see them win and retake a Democratic majority in Congress and other offices on the state and local levels.

The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus has been paying close attention to those candidates who will reflect America’s diversity and best represent Latino communities. Because we’re feeling really good about these Democratic candidates and the values they stand for, we are pleased to endorse the following patriots whose names are in bold fonts.



Tony Evers (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Scott Walker) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. Senate
Tammy Baldwin (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
WI-1:  Randy Bryce (challenger to open seat)
WI-2:  Mark Pocan (INCUMBENT)
WI-3:  Ron Kind (INCUMBENT)
WI-4:  Gwen Moore (INCUMBENT)
WI-5:  Tom Palzewicz (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
WI-6:  Dan Kohl (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Glenn Grothman)
WI-7:  Margaret Engebretson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Sean Duffy)
WI-8:  Beau Liegeois (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher)



Christine Hallquist (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Phil Scott) ←This could lead to the election of the nation’s first transgender governor

U.S. Senate
Bernie Sanders (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
VT (At-Large):  Peter Welch (INCUMBENT)



Ned Lamont (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate
Chris Murphy (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
CT-1:  John Larson (INCUMBENT)
CT-2:  Joe Courtney (INCUMBENT)
CT-3:  Rosa DeLauro (INCUMBENT)
CT-4:  Jim Himes (INCUMBENT)
CT-5:  Jahana Hayes (challenger to open seat) ←This could lead to a major victory with the state’s first non-white Democratic representative elected to Congress



Tim Walz (challenger to open seat)

Attorney General
(no endorsement as of Aug. 15th; subject to change)

U.S. Senate
Amy Klobuchar (INCUMBENT) ←This seat must be defended at all costs

U.S. House of Representatives
MN-1:  Dan Feehan (challenger to open seat)
MN-2:  Angie Craig (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jason Lewis)
MN-3:  Dean Phillips (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen)
MN-4:  Betty McCollum (INCUMBENT)
MN-5:  Ilhan Omar (challenger to open seat)
MN-6:  Ian Todd (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Tom Emmer)
MN-7:  Collin Peterson (INCUMBENT)
MN-8:  Joe Radinovich (challenger to open seat)


The above candidates are highly recommended due to them looking out for the best interests of Hispanic-Americans and fulfilling a Democratic agenda. And in case you come across any U.S. expat who’s just woken up from a coma or who’s been living under a rock, please make sure that one of the first things he or she sees is VoteFromAbroad.org.


Virgin Islanders Choose Encouraging Prospects, The Volunteer State Also Moves One Blue Step Forward

Compared to mid-term primary elections of recent years, Tennesseans came out to cast their ballots and support their candidates this past week. I’m especially loving the remarks below from a recent article on Hamilton County:

Lenward Brackin Jr. said he usually votes early but didn’t ahead of Thursday’s election.

“I was coming no matter what — I’ve got umbrellas in the car,” he said… “I refuse to be mute on things that are important to me and the community.”

When it comes to Hamilton County Democrats, early voting turnout was a dismal 5,655 in 2014 but this year’s early voting tally shows a huge 65-percent jump to 9,338.

Meanwhile, over in the Caribbean our fellow U.S. citizens are obviously doing something right as can be seen below:

Despite a few minor issues, voters in the U.S. Virgin Islands managed to get through the primary without any challenges too difficult to overcome.

With the U.S. Virgin Islands and Tennessee now having completed their primaries, please take a look below to see who the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus endorses for November’s General Election.



Karl Dean (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate
Phil Bredesen (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. House of Representatives
TN-1:  Marty Olsen (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Phil “I voted against stimulus funding, but when the money showed up I was there smiling and kissing babies” Roe)
TN-2:  Renee Hoyos (challenger to open seat)
TN-3:  Danielle Mitchell (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Chuck “My Constituents Love Me” Fleischmann)
TN-4:  Mariah Phillips (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Scott “I have a 100% pro-life voting record, but -shhh!- we’ve had abortions, too” DesJarlais)
TN-5:  Jim Cooper (INCUMBENT)
TN-6:  Dawn Barlow (challenger to open seat)
TN-7:  Justin Kanew (challenger to open seat)
TN-8:  Erika Pearson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. David “Helping Puerto Rico Isn’t Important To Me” Kustoff)
TN-9:  Steve Cohen (INCUMBENT)



Albert Bryan (challenger to Independent incumbent Gov. Kenneth Mapp)

U.S. Delegate to Congress
Stacey Plaskett (INCUMBENT)


Why is a Blue Wave needed for this November? Republicans are destroying the American values we all cherish. Immigration: even our Founding Fathers and the Statue of Liberty herself are immigrants to the U.S.; yet, Dreamers’ fates remain uncertain while families are ripped apart at the border. And don’t forget about how “Mexico is going to pay for the wall” – remember that? Science: a noted climate and science denier was nominated and confirmed to be in charge of NASA out of all places. Voting rights: suppression efforts are well underway across the U.S., from pro-gerrymandering court decisions to closing polling locations to not having non-English voting instructions available to having “the right kind of identification” at the polls. The list goes on and on.

So do we rectify this?

Step 1: Make sure you are eligible to vote, then request your ballot, and then actually vote! For Democrats! You can easily request your ballot at VoteFromAbroad.org.

Step 2: Talk to every stateside and overseas American you know and tell them to do the same things mentioned in Step 1.

Step 3: Jump on the phones and help us get out the vote by calling fellow Democrats Abroad members and reminding them to vote!

-Michael Ramos
DA Hispanic Caucus