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Virgin Islanders Choose Encouraging Prospects, The Volunteer State Also Moves One Blue Step Forward

Compared to mid-term primary elections of recent years, Tennesseans came out to cast their ballots and support their candidates this past week. I’m especially loving the remarks below from a recent article on Hamilton County:

Lenward Brackin Jr. said he usually votes early but didn’t ahead of Thursday’s election.

“I was coming no matter what — I’ve got umbrellas in the car,” he said… “I refuse to be mute on things that are important to me and the community.”

When it comes to Hamilton County Democrats, early voting turnout was a dismal 5,655 in 2014 but this year’s early voting tally shows a huge 65-percent jump to 9,338.

Meanwhile, over in the Caribbean our fellow U.S. citizens are obviously doing something right as can be seen below:

Despite a few minor issues, voters in the U.S. Virgin Islands managed to get through the primary without any challenges too difficult to overcome.

With the U.S. Virgin Islands and Tennessee now having completed their primaries, please take a look below to see who the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus endorses for November’s General Election.



Karl Dean (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate
Phil Bredesen (challenger to open seat) ←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. House of Representatives
TN-1:  Marty Olsen (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Phil “I voted against stimulus funding, but when the money showed up I was there smiling and kissing babies” Roe)
TN-2:  Renee Hoyos (challenger to open seat)
TN-3:  Danielle Mitchell (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Chuck “My Constituents Love Me” Fleischmann)
TN-4:  Mariah Phillips (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Scott “I have a 100% pro-life voting record, but -shhh!- we’ve had abortions, too” DesJarlais)
TN-5:  Jim Cooper (INCUMBENT)
TN-6:  Dawn Barlow (challenger to open seat)
TN-7:  Justin Kanew (challenger to open seat)
TN-8:  Erika Pearson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. David “Helping Puerto Rico Isn’t Important To Me” Kustoff)
TN-9:  Steve Cohen (INCUMBENT)



Albert Bryan (challenger to Independent incumbent Gov. Kenneth Mapp)

U.S. Delegate to Congress
Stacey Plaskett (INCUMBENT)


Why is a Blue Wave needed for this November? Republicans are destroying the American values we all cherish. Immigration: even our Founding Fathers and the Statue of Liberty herself are immigrants to the U.S.; yet, Dreamers’ fates remain uncertain while families are ripped apart at the border. And don’t forget about how “Mexico is going to pay for the wall” – remember that? Science: a noted climate and science denier was nominated and confirmed to be in charge of NASA out of all places. Voting rights: suppression efforts are well underway across the U.S., from pro-gerrymandering court decisions to closing polling locations to not having non-English voting instructions available to having “the right kind of identification” at the polls. The list goes on and on.

So do we rectify this?

Step 1: Make sure you are eligible to vote, then request your ballot, and then actually vote! For Democrats! You can easily request your ballot at VoteFromAbroad.org.

Step 2: Talk to every stateside and overseas American you know and tell them to do the same things mentioned in Step 1.

Step 3: Jump on the phones and help us get out the vote by calling fellow Democrats Abroad members and reminding them to vote!

-Michael Ramos
DA Hispanic Caucus

UT-MD-NY-OK-CO Primaries Produce Electrifying Candidates For Nov. 6, SC Primary Run-Off Wraps Up

The Hispanic Caucus urges you to vote FOR the candidates listed below (with their names in bold font). Our party has some top-quality candidates running for reelection or running for election for the first time, and if you vote in one of the following states you should be proud to cast your ballot in support of the Democratic candidate.

Still not convinced? Let’s take a moment to view what’s at stake for November’s elections. On the ballot are some “very fine people” – as the president calls them – such as:

  • The Libertarian-turned-Republican primary winner running for a state assembly seat in Nevada, who brags he’s “rich, famous, and surrounded by hot chicks” and believes the president is “the Christopher Columbus of honest politics”;
    A Republican primary winner running for Congress in Illinois who’s so racist that even the Republican Party doesn’t want him to win;
    The Republican primary winner running for U.S. Senate in Virginia who considers white supremacist Paul Nehlen one of his “personal heroes”; and
    An Independent running for Congress in Virginia whose record is so disturbing, it’s unconscionable how he’s even on the ballot.

 With the primaries of these several more states drawing to a close and despite a few glitches here and there, we proudly endorse the following Democratic candidates for election:



(State run-off elections now complete)

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Primaries Now Complete In Five More States, Almost All Races Counted And Verified


With over forty congressional Republicans retiring or resigning, the opportunity to take back Congress keeps getting better. A South Carolina Republican congressman lost his primary to someone fully endorsed by Trump. A legal pimp knocked off an incumbent in the Republican primary in Nevada.  A conservative “gun owner’s champion” won his primary in North Dakota. These are not the people who should be running our country.

With that, Democrats Abroad’s Hispanic Caucus is thrilled to continue with our endorsements for the below candidates running for office  (with their names in bold font).



(Maine used “ranked-choice” voting in this election, meaning, voters will have an opportunity to vote for their first-choice candidate and to rank the remaining candidates in order of preference  (i.e. second choice, third choice, etc.). An example can be seen  here.)

ME Governor
Janet Mills (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate
(Maine voters will need to decide between Democratic challenger Zak Ringelstein and incumbent Independent Sen. Angus King, who caucuses with Senate Democrats)

U.S. House of Representatives
ME-1:  Chellie Pingree  (INCUMBENT)
ME-2:  Jared Golden  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Bruce Poliquin)



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The District of Columbia Finalizes Its November Contenders


Although “voters going to the polls braved sweltering heat and thundershowers, which probably contributed to low voter turnout,” primary election results from inside the Beltway confirmed that residents from the District of Columbia are determined to keep their turf blue. Republicans know that their pro-Trump ideology isn’t welcomed there, and D.C. voters living abroad have every right to defend the District’s Democrats up and down the ballot.

Democrats Abroad’s Hispanic Caucus is once again prepared to proudly endorse the following candidates for Election Day in November  (with their names in bold font).



U.S. Delegate
Eleanor Holmes Norton  (INCUMBENT)

U.S.  (Shadow) Senate
Michael Brown  (INCUMBENT)

U.S.  (Shadow) Representative
Franklin García  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Mayor
Muriel Bowser  (INCUMBENT)

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All Eyes On 8 States Leads to Strong Democratic Candidates For November

With perhaps the most significant day of the 2018 primary season, the polls are closed in Iowa, Montana, California, Alabama, New Mexico, South Dakota, New Jersey, and Mississippi. Democratic candidates for office in these eight states have shown to be serious contenders to win over seats currently held in Republican control. And thanks to you, there are reports of good Democratic turnout in yesterday’s primary compared to previous election cycles. For example, check out what’s being said in Iowa: “Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate reported at around 4:30 p.m. Tuesday that 50,610 absentee ballots had been received, surpassing the previous state primary election record of 44,740 in 2014.”

It seems like every day there is more controversy coming out of the White House or Congress, but the remedy is for all voting-age Americans to cast their ballots for Democrats. Issues important to the U.S. Hispanic community and U.S. expats are solid reasons for voting as early as possible.

Accordingly, another round of proud endorsements by Democrats Abroad’s Hispanic Caucus includes the below candidates  (with their names in bold font).



IA Governor
Fred Hubbell  (challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Kim Reynolds)

U.S. House of Representatives
IA-1:  Abby Finkenauer  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Rod “Hanging By A Thread” Blum)
IA-2:  Dave Loebsack  (incumbent)
IA-3:  Cindy Axne  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. David “Shady Money” Young)
IA-4:  J.D. Scholten (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Steve “America’s Worst Congressman” King) ←This would be a major Democratic victory



U.S. Senate
Jon Tester  (incumbent)

U.S. House of Representatives  (At-Large)
MT:  Kathleen Williams  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Greg “WWF Contender” Gianforte)



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Voters From AR-GA-TX-KY Are In The Race To Win Back Congress


By the time 2018 comes to an end, we will undoubtedly see a notable election year for the history books. Worthy Democratic candidates -- from Latinos to women to LGBT to progressives -- are challenging Republican officeholders as sensible alternatives to the Trump agenda. With the following names in bold font shown below, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus urges all U.S. voters from Arkansas, Georgia, Texas, and Kentucky to support the following candidates:



AR Governor
Jared Henderson(challenger to incumbent GOP Gov. Asa Hutchinson)

U.S. House of Representatives

AR-1:Chintan Desai (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Rick Crawford)
AR-2:Clarke Tucker (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. French Hill)
AR-3:Josh Mahony (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Steve Womack)
AR-4:Hayden Shamel (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Bruce Westerman)



GA Governor
Stacey Abrams  (challenger to open seat)

U.S. House of Representatives
GA-1:Lisa Ring (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Buddy Carter)
GA-2:Sanford Bishop, Jr. (incumbent)
GA-3:Chuck Enderlin (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Drew Ferguson)
GA-4:Hank Johnson (incumbent)
GA-5:John Lewis (incumbent)
GA-6: Lucy McBath (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Karen Handel)
GA-7: Carolyn Bordeaux (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Rob Woodall)
GA-8: (No endorsement in this race where incumbent GOP Rep. Austin Scott is running for reelection)
GA-9:Josh McCall (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Doug Collins)
GA-10:Tabitha Johnson-Green (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jody Hice)
GA-11:Flynn Broady (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk)
GA-12:Francys Johnson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Rick Allen)
GA-13:David Scott (incumbent)
GA-14:Steven Foster (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Tom Graves)



U.S. House of Representatives
KY-1:Paul Walker(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. James Comer)
KY-2:Hank Linderman(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Brett Guthrie)
KY-3:John Yarmouth(incumbent)
KY-4:Seth Hall(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Thomas Massie)
KY-5:Kenneth Stepp(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Hal Rogers) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
KY-6:Amy McGrath(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Andy Barr)



U.S. Senate
Beto O’Rourke(challenger to incumbent GOP Sen. Ted Cruz)←This would be a major Democratic victory

U.S. House of Representatives
TX-1:Shirley McKellar(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Louis Gohmert) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
TX-2:Todd Litton(challenger to open seat)
TX-3:Lorie Burch(challenger to open seat)
TX-4:Catherine Krantz(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. John Ratcliff)
TX-5:Dan Wood(challenger to open seat)
TX-6:Jana Lynn Sanchez(challenger to open seat; former U.S. expat and pro-addressing minority issues!)
TX-7:Lizzie Fletcher(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. John Culberson) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
TX-8:Steven David(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Kevin Brady) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
TX-9:Al Green(incumbent)
TX-10:Mike Siegel(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Michael McCaul)
TX-11:Jennie Lou Leeder(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mike Conaway)
TX-12:Vanessa Adia(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Kay Granger)
TX-13:Greg Sagan(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mac Thornberry)
TX-14:Adrienne Bell(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Randy Weber)
TX-15:Vicente Gonzalez(incumbent; member of Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
TX-16:Veronica Escobar(challenger to open seat; has committed to joining the Congressional Hispanic Caucus if elected)
TX-17:Rick Kennedy(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Bill Flores)
TX-18:Sheila Jackson-Lee(INCUMBENT)
TX-19:Miguel Levario(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jodey Arrington)
TX-20:Joaquin Castro(incumbent; member of Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
TX-21:Joseph Kopser(challenger to open seat)
TX-22:Sri Kulkarni(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Pete Olson)
TX-23:Gina Ortiz Jones(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Will Hurd)
TX-24:Jan McDowell(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Kenny Marchant)
TX-25:Julie Oliver(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Roger Williams)
TX-26:Linsey Fagan(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Michael Burgess) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
TX-27:Eric Holguin(challenger to open seat)
TX-28:No endorsement
TX-29:Sylvia Garcia(challenger to open seat)
TX-30:Eddie Bernice Johnson(incumbent)
TX-31:Mary Hegar(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. John Carter)
TX-32:Colin Allred(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Pete Sessions) ←This would be a major Democratic victory
TX-33:Marc Veasey(incumbent)
TX-34:Filemon Vela(incumbent; member of Congressional Hispanic Caucus)
TX-35:Lloyd Doggett(incumbent)
TX-36:Dayna Steele(challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Brian Babin)


As a reminder, using VoteFromAbroad.org is a great resource for registering to vote and requesting your ballot. With your determination and vote, we will make America respected again.¡Sí se puede!

-Michael Ramos
DA Hispanic Caucus

Every Vote Counts With ID-OR-PA-NE Primaries Complete

Hola miembros y amigos

Like those flat-earthers of years ago who suddenly realized that the world is in fact round, Republicans are starting to realize that their “safe” districts are not at all “safe Republican seats.” As the dust settles from the mid-term primaries now completed in Idaho, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Nebraska, Democrats with bold agendas have emerged as strong contenders for challenging establishment, do-nothing officials.

And with that, Democrats Abroad’s Hispanic Caucus fully endorses the following candidates running for office (with their names in bold font).



ID Governor
Paulette Jordan ← Could be the nation’s first Native American governor!  (challenger to open seat)

ID Attorney General
Bruce Bistine  (challenger to GOP incumbent Lawrence Wasden)

ID Secretary of State
Jill Humble  (challenger to GOP incumbent Lawerence “Member of the Flip-Flop Club” Denney)

U.S. House of Representatives
ID-1: Cristina McNeil ← A clear champion for Hispanic/Latino issues  (challenger to open seat)
ID-2: Aaron Swisher  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mike “I Stand With America’s Workers and Organized Labor 17% Of The Time” Simpson)



OR Governor
Kate Brown  (incumbent)

U.S. House of Representatives
OR-1: Susan Bonamici  (incumbent)
OR-2: Jamie McLeod-Skinner  (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Greg “Anti-Women’s Choice” Walden) This would be a major Democratic victory
OR-3: Earl Blumenaur  (incumbent)
OR-4: Pete DeFazio  (incumbent)
OR-5: Kurt Shrader  (incumbent)

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Voters From OH-IN-WV-NC Have Chance To Continue Electoral Momentum

Friends, Colleagues, and Newcomers to the Hispanic Caucus—

Are you fired up? Get ready, because you don’t want to miss this chance to boot out GOP elected officials and replace them with diverse, outstanding Democratic candidates in November. We also need to defend our incumbent Democratic officials by using the power of the ballot to retain their needed public service. With the 2018 primary results completed in Illinois and half-way done in Texas, voters from West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and Indiana have a genuine shot to continue flipping seats once thought of as “un-flippable.” With that, Democrats Abroad’s Hispanic Caucus is thrilled to continue with our endorsements for the below candidates running for office (with their names in bold font).



U.S. Senate

Joe Manchin (incumbent)

U.S. House of Representatives

WV-1: Kendra Fershee (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. David “Coal is King” McKinley)
WV-2: Talley Sergent (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Alex “I Don’t Care About Expats But I’m Happy To Introduce A Bill Stating Money Is Gold!” Mooney)
WV-3: Richard Ojeda (challenger to open seat)

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A Golden Opportunity To Turn AZ-8 Blue

For all Arizonans who vote in the 8thCongressional District—

While your state’s primary isn’t until August 28th, those of you who vote in AZ-8 have a golden opportunity to flip this seat from red to blue. If you’ll recall, former GOP Rep. Trent Franks suddenly resigned after sexual misconduct allegations. The special election to fill this seat is April 24th.

Please ensure you cast your vote as soon as possible if you haven’t already done so. And in case, you have any questions about the Democratic candidate running for this seat, see below.

U.S. House of Representatives
Dr. Hiral Tipirneni (challenger for open seat)
Highly educated in S.T.E.M. fields
Strong woman and minority candidate
Does not believe in the “pro-life” stance; believes you are either pro-choice or anti-choice
Fully understands the problems with America’s expensive and complex health care system
Supports commonsense gun safety reform, expanding Medicaid, simplifying the tax code, improving care for veterans, and providing for greater investment in public schools

For all of the above reasons and many more, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus is proud to endorse Dr. Tipirneni for Congress.

Don’t forget, your spare time would be put to productive use if you help us with phonebankingour fellow Democratic citizens worldwide in reminding them to get their overseas absentee ballots mailed out!^

-Michael Ramos
DA Hispanic Caucus


More Than 1.2M Voters Turn Out In Illinois Democratic Primary

More Than 1.2M Voters Turn Out
In Illinois Democratic Primary

Democratic Hermanos y Hermanas—

Thanks to you, Illinois Democrats turned out in higher numbers in more than a decade for a mid-term election. Remember, outside of Chicago and upper northwest, the rest of “downstate” Illinois has Republican representation in the House. And like what we recently saw Texas, it’s clear that Illinois Republicans are barely hanging on by a thread for the time being, and it’s up to us as voters to boot EVERY. SINGLE. REPUBLICAN. OUT.

For a list of IL election results, see here.

If you vote in Illinois, here are your Democratic candidates who we should be electing in November:

J.B. Pritzker (challenger to incumbent GOP governor Bruce Rauner, the most vulnerable governor in the country)

U.S. House of Representatives
Bobby Rush (INCUMBENT)

Robin Kelly (INCUMBENT)

Dan Lipinski (INCUMBENT)

Jesús “Chuy” García (challenger to open seat)

Mike Quigley (INCUMBENT)

Sean Casten (challenger to GOP incumbent Rep. Peter “I-never-met-a-tax-scam-I-didn’t-like” Roskam)

Danny Davis (INCUMBENT)

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