Voters From OH-IN-WV-NC Have Chance To Continue Electoral Momentum

Friends, Colleagues, and Newcomers to the Hispanic Caucus—

Are you fired up? Get ready, because you don’t want to miss this chance to boot out GOP elected officials and replace them with diverse, outstanding Democratic candidates in November. We also need to defend our incumbent Democratic officials by using the power of the ballot to retain their needed public service. With the 2018 primary results completed in Illinois and half-way done in Texas, voters from West Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina, and Indiana have a genuine shot to continue flipping seats once thought of as “un-flippable.” With that, Democrats Abroad’s Hispanic Caucus is thrilled to continue with our endorsements for the below candidates running for office (with their names in bold font).



U.S. Senate

Joe Manchin (incumbent)

U.S. House of Representatives

WV-1: Kendra Fershee (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. David “Coal is King” McKinley)
WV-2: Talley Sergent (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Alex “I Don’t Care About Expats But I’m Happy To Introduce A Bill Stating Money Is Gold!” Mooney)
WV-3: Richard Ojeda (challenger to open seat)



OH Governor

Richard Cordray (challenger to open seat)

OH Attorney General

Steven Dettelbach (challenger to open seat)

OH Secretary of State

Kathleen Clyde (challenger to open seat)

U.S. Senate

Sherrod Brown (incumbent)

U.S. House of Representatives – Special Election

OH-12: Special election set for August 2018 to finish this congressional term: Danny O’Connor

U.S. House of Representatives

OH-1: Aftab Pureval (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Steve “I Never Met A Town Hall I Didn’t Duck” Chabot)
OH-2: Jill Schiller (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Brad Wenstrup)
OH-3: Joyce Beatty (incumbent)
OH-4: Janet Garrett (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jim Jordan) ← This would be a major Democratic victory
OH-5: Michael Galbraith (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Bob Latta)
OH-6: Shawna Roberts (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Bill Johnson)
OH-7: Ken Harbaugh (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Bob Gibbs)
OH-8: Vanessa Enoch (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Warren Davidson)
OH-9: Marcy Kaptur (incumbent)
OH-10: Theresa Gasper (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mike “Proud To Have An ‘A’ Rating From The NRA” Turner)
OH-11: Marcia Fudge (incumbent)
OH-12: Danny O’Connor (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Troy Balderson)  
OH-13:Tim Ryan (incumbent)
OH-14: Betsy Rader (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. David “DACA is illegal!” Joyce)
OH-15: Rick Neal (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Steve Stivers)
OH-16: Susan Moran Palmer (challenger to open seat)



Indiana Secretary of State

Jim Harper (challenger to GOP incumbent Connie Lawson)

U.S. Senate

Joe Donnelly (incumbent)

U.S. House of Representatives

IN-1: Peter Visclosky (incumbent)
IN-2: Mel Hall (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jackie “Planned Parenthood Is The Work Of The Devil!” Walorski) ← This would be a major Democratic victory
IN-3: Courtney Tritch (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Jim “Trump’s Health Care Plan Is A Step In The Right Direction” Banks)
IN-4: Tobi Beck (challenger to open seat)
IN-5: Dee Thorton (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Susan Brooks)
IN-6: Jeannine Lake (challenger to open seat) ← This is a chance to defeat Vice President Mike Pence’s brother, GOP candidate Greg Pence.
IN-7: André Carson (incumbent)
IN-8: William Tanoos (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Larry Bucshon)
IN-9: Liz Watson (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. “Tennessee” Trey Hollingsworth)



U.S. House of Representatives

NC-1: G.K. Butterfield (incumbent)
NC-2: Linda Coleman (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. George Holding) ← This would be a major Democratic victory
NC-3: (no Democratic candidate is running; awaiting NC Democratic Party’s recommended action)
NC-4: David Price (incumbent)
NC-5: DD Adams (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx)
NC-6: Ryan Watts (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mark Walker)
NC-7: Kyle Horton (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. David Rouzer)
NC-8: Frank McNeill (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Richard “The $136,000 I Received From The Telecom Industry Had ‘Nothing’ To Do With My Opposition To Net Neutrality” Hudson)
NC-9: Dan McCready (challenger to open seat)
NC-10: David Brown (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Patrick “Screw Hurricane Victims” McHenry)
NC-11: Phillip Price (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Mark “I Sure Wish My Constituents Forgot About My Health Care Voting Record” Meadows) ← This would be a major Democratic victory
NC-12: Alma Adams (incumbent)
NC-13: Kathy Manning (challenger to incumbent GOP Rep. Ted Budd)


This is a historic movement. America is due for a swing in the political pendulum to go our way – let’s make sure that swing carries a strong momentum by voting, and I guarantee you we will take back Congress and other state and local offices.

In addition to going to, please don’t forget about the crucial importance of phonebanking to remind our members worldwide to request their ballot and vote.

-Michael Ramos
DA Hispanic Caucus

p.s. Mission: Not Impossible. VOTE THEM OUT!