The District of Columbia Finalizes Its November Contenders


Although “voters going to the polls braved sweltering heat and thundershowers, which probably contributed to low voter turnout,” primary election results from inside the Beltway confirmed that residents from the District of Columbia are determined to keep their turf blue. Republicans know that their pro-Trump ideology isn’t welcomed there, and D.C. voters living abroad have every right to defend the District’s Democrats up and down the ballot.

Democrats Abroad’s Hispanic Caucus is once again prepared to proudly endorse the following candidates for Election Day in November  (with their names in bold font).



U.S. Delegate
Eleanor Holmes Norton  (INCUMBENT)

U.S.  (Shadow) Senate
Michael Brown  (INCUMBENT)

U.S.  (Shadow) Representative
Franklin García  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Mayor
Muriel Bowser  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council Chair
Phil Mendelsen  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – 1stWard
Brianne Nadeau  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – 2ndWard
Jack Evans  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – 3rdWard
Mary Cheh  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – 4thWard
Brandon Todd  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – 5thWard
Kenyan McDuffie  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – 6thWard
Charles Allen  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – 7thWard
Vincent Gray  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – 8thWard
Trayon White  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Council – At-Large
Anita Bonds  (INCUMBENT)

D.C. Attorney General
Karl Racine  (INCUMBENT)


Please remember that if you vote in D.C., your ballot must be received by your local voting authority by 8 p.m. on November 6th– Election Day. Of course, you were already planning on requesting your ballot as early as possible by e-mailing [email protected], weren’t you?

-Michael Ramos
DA Hispanic Caucus