Statement from the Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee on U.S. Rep. Steve King (R-IA-4)

Leaders from the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus​ ​​​can no longer remain silent in the midst of racism and xenophobia stemming from the current congressman representing Iowa’s ​4th district, Steve King. For the good of American government and western Iowa’s representation in Congress, he must resign.

From his anti-immigrant remarks, anti-persons of color commentary, anti-Semitic opinions, and un-embracing comments toward those in the LGBT community, Iowans have long suffered from inadequate congressional representation by Mr. King. The congressman’s consistent, pro-white nationalist messaging is so extreme, 99 percent of the members in the House of Representatives voted to pass a resolution to condemn him for his never-ending offensive remarks.

And given that Rep. King has embraced white supremacy ideals for nearly two decades while serving in Congress, it is truly remarkable that he has been able to remain in office for this long. Perhaps more surprising, however, is the fact that it has taken the Republican Party this long to strip Rep. King from his House committee assignments knowing full well of their colleague’s unprofessional, unethical, and un-American behavior.

Amazingly, Steve King has decided to run for reelection and will therefore be on the ballot again in 2020. To be clear, we are demanding the resignation of Steve King – not because he has voted to pass conservative bills in Congress, not because he is a Republican – but because he embraces everything on the white supremacist agenda. As our members include Iowans living abroad, those identifying as LGBT Americans, those who practice all forms of religion, those of color, and immigrants – his consistently-offensive comments targeted toward us and other Americans give us no choice but to unapologetically call for his immediate resignation.

If Rep. King refuses to step down, then for the sake of protecting the institution of Congress as being a representative body which genuinely cares about all of its constituents, voters from the Hawkeye State must send a clear message on Election Day and remove this disgraceful congressman from office.