Mercoledì Meet the Southern Chapter Leaders! Helenka Kinnan, Vice Chair Southern Italy Chapter

Helenka Kinnan  Vice Chair Southern Chapter, DPCA Voting Rep (and also National DAI Secretary)

Helenka joined DA when “You Know Who” started running as the GOP candidate for president in 2015. She is from NYC, and couldn’t bear the idea that the man who helped destroy NYC was going to help destroy the USA.

She works as a Language Editor, helping people write more effectively in English. Specifically, she helps prepare scientific articles for publication in peer review journals. She studied to become an ESL teacher, and came to Rome after graduate school to get some teaching and life experience. She thought she would go back home after 2 years, but 35 years have passed and she is still here!

Her achievements include participating in the FIGB (Italian Bridge Federation) National Championships in Salsomaggiore Terme. She calls herself as a nerd (but everyone knows that!), and doesn’t mind spending a lot of time on minute details, looking for spelling mistakes in a document or fact checking, for example. Her goals include learning another language, such as German or Greek.