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    DA Italy's Annual General Meeting 2023

    You are all invited to participate!

    The DA Italy Annual General Meeting 2023 will take place on
    Saturday, March 25, 2023
    from 4-6 pm (CET, Italy time) online via Zoom.
    You can RSVP by clicking here 

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    DA Italy Intro

    Italy intro photo



    DA Italy is the official country committee for US Democrats living in Italy.

    Our goal is to serve you, to keep you connected, and to support the Biden-Harris administration 
    in every way possible  as we prepare for the 2022 mid-term elections.

    If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Italy please contact us:
    Nancy Fina, Chair: [email protected]
    Helenka Kinnan, Secretary: [email protected]

    Are you an American living in Italy? Click below to:







    We will be announcing a new series of Tax Talks beginning in June for 2022
    Click here to consult our 2021 Tax Talk Seminars!

    Follow us on Facebook:

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    The first issue of our Newsletter ...

    Dear friend, 

    Welcome to The Democracy Dispatch, a new monthly newsletter from Democrats Abroad Italy! Our goal is to keep you informed and energized, making it simple and satisfying to participate in American democracy. 

    Here you will find not just the latest political news and events, but also useful information about voting from abroad and getting involved in the issues you care about. Our Community Spotlights will shine a light on Americans doing interesting and original things in Italy. And since we’re lucky enough to live in one of the world’s culinary capitals, our monthly “Recipe for Democracy” series will feature cherished recipes from throughout the bel paese.   

    This month, we look at the importance of the 2022 midterm elections for holding accountable the architects of the January 6 attack on the Capitol; meet an American who has done the seemingly impossible — made Italians fall in love with American food; and learn the secret to making authentic traditional pesto using modern appliances.   

    If you have story ideas, questions or just want to drop us a message to say hi, our virtual doors are always open. We’re also looking for contributors to help write future editions of the newsletter. Email [email protected] to get involved — and we hope you enjoy your first Democracy Dispatch!  

    All the best,
    The Democracy Dispatch

    Table of Contents:

    • Why the 2022 midterms matter: five political stories highlight five reasons every vote will count 
    • Texas voters! Request your ballot TODAY 
    • Fantastic events in February 
    • Spotlight on Laurel Evans 
    • Recipe for Democracy: Traditional pesto sauce 
    • Save the Date: DAI Annual General Meeting 2022 
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  • Exercise Your Rights: a full-body workout for Democracy!

    Join us twice a week online (via Zoom)
    Mondays at 10am and Thursdays at 1pm CET (Italy time)
    For info and to sign up: [email protected]

    Let’s all get together for a low-impact exercise class with our fantastic trainer Gaia! The classes will be in easy Italian, and there will be someone available to help in English.
    We'll have fun, learn a few thing about voting, and get ready for spring.

    It's a great way to shake off the Covid blues!!

    Starting Feb 14 and running through April 14!
    💙A great Valentine’s Day gift to yourself or a friend💙

    Twice a week: Mondays at 10 am, Thursdays at 1 pm

    The classes are free, but there is a suggested donation of €50 for 2 months of classes. The money we raise will help fund our GOTV efforts for the 2022 Midterms.
    Click here to donate to DA Italy

  • Laurel Evans kicks off our monthly series: Recipe for Democracy

    We hope you'll join us online
    February 1 at 7pm (Italy time)

    Texas voter and Food Expert Laurel Evans will explain how to file a ballot request (FPCA), and then will talk about her move to Italy, and might even share a recipe or two!

    See you there! You can RSVP <-- click here!


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    Dante – 700 Years of Literary Influence

    Dante: 700 Years of Literary Influence 
    October 12, 2021 
    7- 8pm (Florence time)

    We hope you'll join us for Fundraising Extravaganza Event 5, a lecture by Jason Houston on the influence of Dante 700 years after his death. The event is "hybrid": online via Zoom, or in-person in Florence (near piazza Santa Croce).

    You can make a donation here:
    Season ticket holders are welcome to attend each event either online or in-person.  If you have not yet made a donation for a season ticket, we have a special offer: €30  for the next four events instead of €75

    Donations for individual events are still €25 for each in-person event (this includes a drink & snacks) or €15 for each online event.

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    EMEA Regional Meeting 2021 a Great Success!

    Congratulations to Jen Rakow-Stepper and all the teams, techs, mods, and participants on a good job well done!

    We got so much done this weekend at the EMEA Regional Meeting. Brav* tutt*!


  • Mercoledì Meet the Southern Chapter Leaders! Daniela Salvioni, Secretary Southern Italy Chapter

    Daniela is a New Yorker, now living in Rome after doing an “Under the Tuscan Sun” stint in the rolling hills surrounding Greve in Chianti.  Her field of expertise – and her passion - is contemporary art, for which she is a consultant.

    Currently she has strayed farther afield, and is writing an abecedarium of interdisciplinary essays on Italy. She is vice president of the board of trustees of St. Stephen’s School in Rome, a non-profit, non-denominational American and international high school and boarding school.

    She joined Democrats Abroad recently because, for the first time in her life, the unimaginable has reared its ugly head: the possibility that US democracy could topple under the weight of the swelling ranks of authoritarian forces. 

    She is looking forward to working together to make sure our Constitution and the founding principles of our nation are not only secure, but deepened. As it stands today, that can only be accomplished by getting Democrats elected, which is why even from afar we can do our part.

  • Mercoledì Meet the Southern Chapter Leaders!

    Rebecca Spitzmiller Chair, Southern Italy Chapter

    Rebecca is a law professor at Roma Tre University, where she also coordinates "Studying Law at Roma Tre," through which the only US-Italy dual-law degree is offered. She also teaches law and business courses at Italy’s Scuola Superiore della Magistratura, Scuola Superiore dell’Avvocatura, Luiss Business School and CIEE Global Institute Rome – and translates and consults for international law firms.

    She is the co-founder of Retake Roma, one of Italy’s most innovative, grassroots social movements, comprising some 85 neighborhood groups in Rome and in 40 cities across the peninsula.

    In 2018 Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella awarded her for Retake’s efforts, naming her an “Officer of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic,” citing “her engaging commitment to the fight against degradation, for raising awareness for the value of common goods, and diffusing a sense of civic pride upon the territory of Roma Capitale."

    As chair of DA Italy’s Southern Chapter, she wants to harness the potential of thousands of Americans living in Italy and engage them in the conversations and activities that will lead them to vote, so that together we can help restore our most deeply held democratic values in US domestic and foreign policy.

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