May 17, 2023

Minutes: Southern Chapter Meeting 16 May 2023

The Southern Italy Chapter met on 16 May 2023 at 19:00.
Topics of discussion: news and info about what's happening in the Chapter, Italy, EMEA, and International. (Details below the fold.)

Hope to see you soon:
Online: Next chapter meeting on 21 June 2023 @ 19:00 
In person: In Rome 31 May 2023, details coming soon

  • Southern Chapter News
    • Volunteer Positions open in Southern Chapter: Vice Chair, Treasurer, Student Outreach Coordinator
    • Recap of DAItaly AGM - Rita was elected as Chair, but had to step down the next day due to unforeseen family difficulties. Helenka became Chair of Southern Chapter, leaving the Vice Chair position open.
      [anyone interested? please contact us! ]. 
      Treasurer position also open. 
    • Thinking ahead, Elections 2024: 
      • Global Presidential Primary (March 2024) - Most likely each chapter will have to have at least one in-person voting center; we will need volunteers to help. 
      • Student Outreach Coordinator needed 

    • Memorial Day Events organized by the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Nettuno
      • Ceremony, Sat 27 May @ 16:30: Open to the public, seating available. 
      • Concert, Mon 29 May @ 16:00: RSVP necessary to the organizers.
  • DA Italy News
    • DA Italy is building up its volunteer program to push engagement, onboarding, etc. A country-wide call for volunteers is coming soon, esp. to help with the youth vote. Watch this space.
    • Everyone is gearing up for the AGM June 10-11.

  • News from EMEA
  • News from International 
    • DA AGM: If you want to attend virtually or in person you can RSVP here:
      Annual General Meeting and Int'l ExCom elections  (Sat June 10 and Sun June 11):
      (NB: if you’re planning on going both days you need to RSVP 2x).
    • Info about the Elections for International ExCom: 
      Elections landing page: Global Candidate profiles and NEC approved events 

    • Americans Living Abroad Act of 2023:
      • Dina Titus (NV-01)  is lead for the Commission on Americans Living Abroad Act of 2023: H.R. 2729 bill text here. This bill could make improvements to our lives, studying how U.S. policy on taxation, banking, voting, and citizenship impacts Americans abroad.
      • Here’s how you can help:
        • Write to your U.S. Rep and urge them to sign onto the bill, and urge others to contact their U.S. Rep. Here’s a link with everything you need to know and do.