May 18, 2017

Our Health Care Event Follow-Up: 16 May 2017

Thank you so much for having come (and also thanks to those of you who forewarned us that you wouldn’t be able to make it after all!).  I’m sorry our speaker couldn’t stay longer but we had a good start on a conversation that is sure to continue.

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Some of the more interesting facts of which Mark reminded us:
  • Half of all Americans are insured by the government via Medicare (for the elderly) or Medicaid (for the poor) - that was a surprise for many of us.

  • Nearly a third of Americans are covered by employer-based health plans, which the ACA mandated for companies of 50+ employees and which need to cover ten Essential Benefits.

  • 20MM Americans gained access to insurance via the ACA; it is virtually the only way for an individual to purchase affordable insurance in the US's group-oriented/profit-driven market.

  • The AHCA (current House version) allows states to waive Essential Benefits, eliminates low-income subsidies for premiums, and cuts the taxes that were funding those subsidies and other parts of the plan.

  • The AHCA tax cuts are estimated to transfer $274 BILLION to the top 2% of US taxpayers…a reverse Robin Hood plan that shifts from the poor to the rich.

  • If we want to hold on to the more critical parts of the ACA, we’ll simply need a Democratic Congress….so stay registered to vote from abroad and make sure your American friends and family do the same ;-)

We are attaching the Universal Health Care Stories that Becky referred to in her opening.   We encourage US citizens to tailor the cover letter and print the full package to send to their representatives.  
Cover letter:
Healthcare stories:
Start the conversation with your family and friends, too, and encourage them to tell their stories, as well.
Democratic lawmakers are looking for ammunition to defend affordable health care and Becky is ready to help you give it to them!