August 16, 2018

Cycling for Sanity

Midwest Midterm Progressive Bikeathon

DA Austria Counsel, Bruce Murray, is planning to bike all the way from Madison, WI starting on 15 September and finishing in Braddock, PA on 6 November.

Along the way, he wants to learn what is on the minds of Midwesterners, get out the vote, volunteer for progressive candidates, and have fun! After each week of what he calls “cycling for sanity,” he will hold a rally in Chicago, Kalamazoo, Detroit, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh, to encourage all of us to join together in ensuring that we “switch gears” with the Midterm Elections to get our country back on track!


The Bikeathon Site provides a wealth of information. Its Course/Schedule page offers entertaining course, calendar, and mileage information.  The Podcasts  and Playlist pages offer great audio and an invitation to add your favovorite biker song! if you have questions, use the Contact page. AND go to the Participation page to sign up to cycle, celebrate, volunteer and/or pledge to vote!  I just did. How about you?