October 20, 2017

Recent Events in Pictures

Here are more photos from the Liberal Libations fundraiser, the Solidarity Sundays Medicare-for-All presentation and Call Hub training, and the Senator Warren watch party. If you missed these events last month, make sure to  read the October newsletter and see what's planned for October & November. We look forward to seeing you!

Liberal Libations on October 7th:

DAA members enjoying the libations and our hosts, Keith and Kate.

Long time members, Bill & Gloria ...

... and young members, Kira & Ali...

and Janet had the chance to meet and get to know one another.

Our guest speaker Martha with Lin & Ashley

And some liberal ladies discussing...politics?

Solidarity Sundays on September 24th:

Solidarity Sundays Vienna co-founder Tanya opened the event with a discussion of Medicare-for -All

Which led to discussion and multiple looks from Sol Sun co-founder Antje, Nathan, and Sol Sun co-founder Juan.

With some Improv, Juan led brave volunteers through the ropes of phone banking.

Josh made the first online call and Juan set his phone banking goal...

...and the rest of us as well.

After multiple calls, a Democrats Abroad voter picks up and Josh is ready to make sure that she has registered to vote and requested her ballot for the upcoming election.

Senator Warren Watch Party on September 17th:

Watching Senator Elizabeth Warren...

Democratic politics from a different perspective.