Provisional Results - Global Presidential Primary, Super Tuesday in Oxford

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary yesterday in Oxford, UK. We are pleased to announce the provisional results of yesterday’s voting. Please note that they are, indeed, provisional and therefore are unofficial. Votes will be reviewed and vetted by our global primary team before the official results of the Global Presidential Primary are announced on March 23. Furthermore, please note that these provisional totals only reflect the votes cast in person, yesterday, at this location, one of over 230 polling stations Democrats Abroad is hosting around the world. The provisional results are as follows:

In total, 190 ballots were cast, 7 of which were spoiled. Of those ballots cast successfully, 

Bernie Sanders received 53% or 97 of the votes.
Elizabeth Warren received 27% or 50 of the votes.
Joseph Biden received 17% or 31 of the votes.
Michael Bloomberg received 1.6% or 3 of the votes.
Amy Klobuchar and Andrew Yang each received 0.5% or 1 of the votes.

Thank you again for your participation, I hope that you look forward to hearing the official results on March 23.