We're only 10 days into the Trump Administration and every day seems to bring a new crisis or outrage. But the burgeoning resistance in the US and around the world is truly inspiring!

At DA Canada, we've seen an unprecedented outpouring of support with many members asking what they can do. Here are some ideas:

• Call - or keep calling - your Members of Congress! 202-225-3121 or 866-220-0044 

You don't need to say much - just let them know you are a constituent and that you want your Senator or Representative to vote against repealing the ACA, make all efforts to overrule the Muslim Ban, demand Trump disclose his financial interests, vote against Trump's Cabinet nominees and new Supreme Court nominee, or any of the many issues that confront us.

If you have Republican representatives, they are the only ones with the power to stand up to Trump's worst excesses. And if you have Democratic representatives, now is the time to stiffen their resolve to obstruct as much of the Republican agenda as possible.

And keep calling - they need to hear from their constituents often! If you haven't seen it yet, the Indivisible Guide has a very useful overview of the best ways to connect with your Members of Congress.

• Check DA's Congressional Call Storm website for regularly updated action ideas

• Participate in the Women's March On Washington 10 ACTIONS FOR THE 1ST 100 DAYS Campaign.

• Check out websites that provided action reminders
Possibilities include: dailyaction.org or www.5calls.org (daily) or thesixtyfive.org (weekly). 
**Please be aware that these sites are not affiliated with Democrats Abroad and you will need to determine if they are suitable for your needs.