American Freedom Manifesto

We have to be prepared to clean up the mess that Trump is going to leave behind. Just like Obama had to clean up the mess he was left with by the Bush administration.

Our Purpose

To exemplify the best of the American democracy by empowering citizens to exercise their vote, to fight for the rights of all Americans, to combat ignorance, and to bring truth out into the light of day. We need to let the American people know that we are committed to protecting their rights and protections, and improving both their lives and the lives of their loved ones., regardless of the social class, race creed, sexual orientation, or wealth – to all Americans everywhere.

Our Organization

We need to become more formally organized, more active, and more constructive, especially now. Temporary defeat just hardens our resolve.

Our Approach

1. We need to reach everyone, not just committed Democrats. This means we need to develop positive ways of providing a viable alternative to FOX and the right-wing extremest on radio, TV, and the Web. They preach intolerance, divisiveness, and hate. We need to teach how tolerance strengthens us and how together we are stronger.

2. We need to be assertive while avoiding violence or threats. Those are the tools of the Trump extremists.

3. We must always tell and support the unvarnished facts.

4. We need to organize like a force of nature starting now for the 2018 elections.

5. We need to be relentless at translating Trump's proposals into their true affects so ALL Americans understand that they will lead to more expensive drugs, more unsafe food, higher medical bills, lower quality of life for everyone, except those at the top, like Trump.

6. We need to compare what Trump promised and what he has delivered. For example, good jobs.

7. We need to make it crystal clear to ALL that Trump and his gang are betraying the values and blood on which America was built and that they know nothing about the meaning of the Constitution or the Bill of Rights on which the foundations of the Republic were build.

It has been suggested that we have a “Constitutional Meter” to measure legislation against clauses in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. 

8. We need to highlight how Republicans are trying to silence their critics and deprive everyone of their rights by promoting voter suppression measures. They have used gerrymandering, voter ID laws, early voter booth closing, short absentee ballot submission periods, voter misinformation, closed-source antiquated voter technology.

9. We need to emphasis the contributions that immigration has made to the U.S. in concrete terms. For example, Steve Jobs father was Syrian.

10. We need to operate on many different fronts and be prepared for any personal commitment.

11. We need to protect the vulnerable by being prepared to confront injustice and unfairness.

12. We need to emphasis civility in all we do. "Please" and "thank you" are not just words, but acknowledgements that we value those with whom we deal. We need to identify ourselves with the America we want for our children to see. We need to be creative in how we deal with the wrongs that Trump's agenda will try to impose.

13. We need to focus on any weak points in the Trump agenda. These include replacing congressmen and senators whenever they come up for election/reelection.

14. Trump does not represent true conservative or moderate right-wing values. We need to approach and support Republicans who repudiate everything that Trump and his gang stand for.

15. Trump is a terrible role model for our children and the American people. We need to emphasis this fact.

16. We need to show that everyone matters, including many of the Trump supporters who feel left behind by showing that his proposals will only leave them more powerless, impoverished, and isolated.

In Summary We are the America that welcomes the challenges that changes bring and that our greatness is in the courage with which we overcome these challenges, not how we hid in the impossible past. Version 2.0 Dec 7, 2016 03:55:37 PM P