June 30, 2018

Democrats Abroad Canada mid-term Election Results

The DA Canada Nominations and Elections Committee is pleased to provide the results of the 2018 Annual General Meeting & Election.

Secretary: Marnelle Dragila

IT Manager: Julie Buchanan

Click here for the draft minutes of the AGM

The Teller of Elections tabulated the results of the 156 valid ballots cast. (Out of the 156 ballots submitted, 3 were spoiled and not included in the results) Click here to view the election results. Any questions about vote tallies may be directed to the Teller of Elections at: [email protected].

The membership is informed that any member of DA Canada who wishes to challenge any election result may do so by submitting an email to George Spiegelman, Chair of the NEC, at: [email protected]. All challenges must be submitted by July 15, 2018.

Democratically yours,

DA Canada Nominations and Elections Committee

George Spiegelman, Chair
Annie Parry
Ed Ungar
Heidi Burch, Teller of Elections