March 02, 2019

Notice of 2019 Annual General Meeting & Election & Bylaws Amendments

                 The Board of Democrats Abroad Canada invites you to attend your
                                             Annual General Meeting




To inform you about 2018 activities and the accomplishments of your country committee + amendments to the Bylaws + election of the DA Canada Board Members for the 2019-21 term.

The AGM agenda and registration link will follow at a later date.



31 March 2019

2:00 – 4:00 pm Eastern Time


Via WebEx and possibly in-person at some chapters. Look for announcements from your chapter or contact your local chapter chair. Address all other enquiries to Chair, Democrats Abroad Canada: [email protected]


All Members of Democrats Abroad Canada


For Members not yet signed up to WebEx, the video conferencing system used by Democrats Abroad, you will receive information at a later date for a WebEx tutorial and for downloading the necessary software. WebEx has a total capacity of 200 participants so space online is limited.


The electronic ballots will be emailed to members on March 16th. Submit your completed ballot by 11:59PM EDT March 30th. To vote you must have joined Democrats Abroad by 11:59PM EDT March 3, 2019, you must be a member of DACA, a US citizen of voting age and a resident of Canada.

The Nominations & Elections Committee for Democrats Abroad Canada is proud to release the slate of candidates for election to the 2019-21 term.

Ballots will be distributed March 16th to active members of Democrats Abroad Canada registered as of March 3, 2019. Election results will be announced at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, March 31, 2019 at 2:00pm EDT. The link to RSVP to attend the AGM will be distributed with your ballot.

Candidate statements may be viewed at this link


Steve Nardi

Executive Vice Chair

Julie Buchanan

Vice Chair
(2 to be elected)

Marnelle Dragilla

Ed Ungar


Lissette Wright


Susan Alksnis

IT Manager



Danielle Stampley

Membership Secretary

Susan Brennan

(3 to be elected)

Louis DeLamarter

Sofia Misenheimer

David Mivasair

Darius Pruss

Chris Shaw

DPCA Voting Representatives
(24 to be elected)

The first 12 DPCA Voting Rep positions will be filled by those elected to the positions from the slate above. Anyone whose name appears above as a candidate for a board seat who is elected will have their name removed from the slate on the right. The remaining 12 will then be elected from the remaining DPCA Voting Rep slate, following Article 15 of DA Canada Bylaws establishing a balance of sexes on the board.

Female slate:

Gena Brummitt

Heidi Burch

Earlene Busch

Ivelisse Castillo

Rachel Eugster

Tracy Hudson

Denise Roig

Heidi Schneiderman

Brooke Scott

Male slate:

Louis DeLamarter

J. David Markham

David Mivasair

Robert J Petrusa

Engin Polar

Darius Pruss

Chris Shaw

Kenneth Sherman

Democratically yours,

DemsAbroad Canada Nominations & Elections Committee


Bodil Geyer, NEC Chair [Vancouver, BC]
Starla Goggins [Toronto, ON]
Randi Weitzner, NEC Teller of Elections [Montreal, QC]