LGBT* Rights Must Be Protected

Democrats Abroad strongly opposes the Trump administration's efforts to marginalize LGBTI Americans and to define transgender and intersex citizens "out of existence." 

A recent memo from the Department of Health and Human Services introduces a policy that would "define sex as either male or female, unchangeable, and determined by the genitals that a person is born with."

In response, Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus Co-Chair and DNC Representative Martha McDevitt-Pugh provided the following statement:

This is another attempt by the Trump administration to deny rights and recognition to LGBTI people. 1.7% of the population is intersex. Young children born with ambiguous gender traits have been subjected to unnecessary surgeries without their consent to fit them into traditional gender categories. Many states are finally recognizing a third gender on official documents.

This is a move by the federal government to deny transgender Americans and those with an intersex condition the right to define their gender identity and be recognized as first-class citizens.

Democrats Abroad is a strong advocate of LGBTI equality and supports issues that LGBTI Americans face abroad, including as access to government services and benefits for same-sex spouses and family members.