Marque Snow (NE-09)

Marque Snow hopes to be the first out LGBTQ+ person of color elected to the Nebraska legislature.

“I am a Nebraskan, an advocate for working families, and current president of the Omaha School Board. I believe in the power of public service and in pursuing fairness and access to the good life for all. That’s why I am running to represent Legislative District 9,” says Snow.

Legislative District 9 in Nebraska’s unicameral legislature encompasses midtown Omaha. It’s currently held by a Democrat who is term-limited from running again.

“I plan on continuing my work to improve our public schools and ensure all of our kids are receiving the education they deserve,” says Snow. “I am proud of my union experience and will fight for working families. I stand with small businesses and will work to ensure that we are building a place where talented Nebraskans want to stay to raise their families. I am proud to call Nebraska my home.”

As part of his platform, Snow promises to protect public schools, support small businesses, expand access to public transportation, increase access to renewable energy, make mental health services and special education a priority, support workers and increase access to affordable housing, and fight for the rights of all Nebraskans, including the LGBTQ+ community.

“I will fight to pass the LGBTQ non-discrimination law for the entire state of Nebraska,” says Snow. Senator Megan Hunt, a fellow Omaha Democrat, “has introduced legislation that will ban the use of conversion therapy in Nebraska. This bill is vital to ban a piece of debunked therapy that only hurts members of the LGBTQ community and needs to be banned."

For more information, please visit his campaign website