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March 22, 2023

2023 Elections: Special 60 Day Announcement

Leadership Board Positions for 2023-25

In accordance with Democrats Abroad China Bylaws, this announcement will serve as the 60+ day notice prior to the 2023 DACN national election. Article IV, Section 4.1 reads, in part:
"Four (4) members of the Board shall be elected to serve as Members-at-Large, with and without pre-
determined duty designations. Pre-determined Member-At-Large duties will be announced at
least 60 days prior to an AGM. One (1) member of the Board shall be elected as a Get Out The
Vote (GOTV) Coordinator."
Listed below are all of the Leadership Board positions for the 2023-25 term.

Executive Committee Officers

  • Chair
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Communications 
  • Information Technology Director


  • GOTV Coordinator
  • Onboarding Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • General Member-At-Large 
  • General Member-At-Large

Non-Voting Appointed Board Members

  • General Counsel 
  • Deputy Communications Officer 
  • Deputy Communications Officer 
  • Deputy Communications Officer 

Please watch this and other DACN spaces for future announcements related to Democrats Abroad China Elections, Bylaws, and our Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The DACN Nominations and Elections Committee has been formed for 2023. Contact the DACN Chair and the DACN Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) with questions, or to participate. 

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