Sunday, March 14

Bern, Switzerland

DACH 2021 Annual General Meeting

Join us for our 2021 Annual General Meeting this Sunday!

We will be electing our leaders for 2021 - 2023; they will guide us through our social, educational, and political events leading up to the 2022 Midterm Elections. This will be a crucial period of creating and executing policy during the first half of President Biden's first term in office and we want your input!

The online meeting will start at 1:30 PM and will last a maximum of 4 hours.

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Draft Agenda

TOPIC TIME (Tentative)*
Some sections will likely take less time but we will adhere to the end times to avoid a longer meeting.
1. Call to Order & Rules 13:30-13:35 Chair, Vance White
2. Approval of 2020 AGM Minutes 13:35-13:40 Vice Chair, Liz Voss
3. Annual Highlights, Switzerland 13:40-14:00 Chair, Vance White
4. Membership Achievements & Milestones 14:00-14:15 Vice Chair, Liz Voss
5. Treasurer's Report 14:15-14:25 Treasurer, Meli Hughes
6. Auditor's Report 14:25-14:35 Auditor, Sam Carmalt
7. Approval of Auditor for 2021/2022 14:35-14:40 Chair, Vance White
8. Zurich Chapter Report 14:40-14:50 Co-Chairs
   Darcy Alexandra
   Stacy Streuli
   Britta Kürzi
9. Basel Chapter Report 14:50-15:00 Chair, Kristen Jafflin
10. Geneva Chapter Report 15:00-15:10 Chair, Laura Messenger
11. Break 15:10-15:20  
12. 2021/2022 National Elections, with Candidate Statements and Questions 15:20-17:00*

Chair (15:20-15:45)
VC (15:45-15:55)

Secretary (15:55-16:05)
Treasurer (16:05-16:15)
Members-at-Large, 4 (16:15-16:45)
DPCA Voting Reps, 3 (16:45-17:00)
Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) Chair, Peter Butterfield
13. Breakout Sessions: "Take the Baton and Get Running" 17:00-17:25 Various Leaders
14. Call to Adjourn 17:30 Newly Elected Chair

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Sunday, March 14, 2021 at 01:30 PM Zurich Time


Peter Butterfield
[email protected]

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