July 16, 2021

Torino Precinct Call for Elections


Call for Elections & Candidates

Torino Precint

The Election Board (Chair, Mark Pendell; Vice-Chair Helenka Kinnan; Secretary Stephany Miranda) officially issues a Call for Elections for the newly formed Torino Precinct according to the DA Italy By-Laws of April 29th 2020. Candidates are to be elected to the positions of Chair & Secretary of the Torino Precinct.

The Torino Precinct is composed of the following postal codes:

between 10010 -> 10099 and from 10121 -> 10156 (see Torino Precinct Postal Codes)

Please email us here by July 23rd 2021 if you wish to be a candidate.  Please specify which position, your name and postal code.


The timeline of the Torino Precinct Elections will be as follows:

  • Call for elections and candidates by the Election Board July 16th 2021
  • Candidate notifications to Election Board by July 23rd 2021
  • Candidate statements and photos to be sent to Election Board by July 31st 2021
  • Election Board sends candidate statements and electronic ballot to all DA Italy members residing in Torino postal codes mentioned above on August 2nd 2021
  • On-line voting will be held from August 2nd to 20th 2021
  • Election results will be announced by Election Board in a virtual meeting on August 21st 2021 (zoom link to be sent with election reminder on August 16th 2021)

We look forward to having a robust voter turn-out for the Torino Precinct Elections!

Democratically yours,

The Election Board