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Welcome to Democrats Abroad Northern Italy!

Lago di Como

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DA Northern Italy is a chapter of Democrats Abroad Italy (DAI) the official country committee for U.S. Democrats living in Italy.

We are a 100% volunteer self-funded organization helping American citizens vote in U.S. elections through voter registration and keeping Americans informed on key issues.

We help some of the thousands of American citizens living in Northern Italy to register to vote and to stay informed on the latest information. Many American citizen volunteers across Italy are working to educate all eligible U.S. voters on their right to vote and how to get their ballots to vote in every election. Americans living in Italy CAN deliver and HAVE delivered the difference in close elections!

Please check our Events page and News pages for more information about upcoming meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch. We also post voter and event information as well as current political news from the U.S. on our social media pages, be sure to follow us!

If you have questions or would like to help volunteer with Democrats Abroad Northern Italy, please contact us. 


Democratically yours,

Mark Pendell - Chapter Chair
Democrats Abroad - Northern Italy
[email protected]

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DA Tax Team back in DC next week - Time to Call Congress!

The DA Tax Team is back in Washington DC next week for meetings on Capitol Hill - our fifth and probably final Congressional Door Knock of 2019. We appreciate the members of the Taxation Task Force and thank them for the hard work to support tax reform for Americans abroad. A Special thanks to the chair of the Taskforce, Carmelan Polce, for her remarkable support in driving this important issue forward!

We also want to thank all Democrats Abroad leaders who have supported the work of the Tax Task Force this year. Their help in pushing out Tax Team reports, updates and campaign guides is greatly valued and essential to our success in engaging Congress to enact the reforms so urgently needed by Americans abroad.

We are delighted to see that many of our Residency Based Taxation (RBT) activists are getting responses from the members of Congress they are contacting. The responses are more than generic replies referencing taxation in the broadest sense. The responses indicate the problems and concerns of Americans abroad - bank lockouts, tax pressure on small businesses abroad and the cost and complexity of tax compliance - resonate. That's great news and a testament to the hard work of tax reform campaigners in all of our chapters and committees.

Democrats Abroad asks all members once again to support a DA grassroots Congressional outreach campaign happening in tandem with next week's meetings. PLEASE SHARE WITH ALL AMERICANS ABROAD THIS GUIDE FOR CALLING AND WRITING TO CONGRESS ABOUT TAX REFORM FOR AMERICANS ABROAD.

Please also this posting on the taxation taskforce blog about next week's meetings on your social media platforms.

Questions or comments to [email protected].

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Orange Weekend (June 7-9)

Friday, June 7th is National Gun Violence Awareness Day and Wear Orange Weekend is to show that Americans are unified in the effort to end gun violence.  Wear Orange weekend starts on Friday by wearing orange and sharing online.  Then, community events will be held throughout the weekend, all around the US.

The color orange has a long and proud history in the gun violence prevention movement. Whether it's worn by hunters, Moms, or students across the country, orange honors the 100 lives cut short and the hundreds more wounded by gun violence every day. 

Don't forget to wear the color orange on June 7th!


“Trump policy for Middle East, Iran and Saudi Arabia… Does he have one?”

Journalist Viviana Mazza enthralled a crowd on February 28 when she spoke about the political morass of the Middle East to members and friends of DA-Milan at Meet Bar Niro in the city. Mazza is an expert on the subject, having been to the region many times, including Saudi Arabia recently and Syria in the last year. She explained that the complexities of the region stem, in part, from the antithetical interests of Sunni and Shia Muslims, the former represented by Saudi Arabia and the latter by Iran. Syria’s conflagration is compounded by Russian, Turkish, and (to some extent) US pressures, though she pointed out that the Trump administration essentially has no policy concerning the Middle East, other than "Israel good, Iran bad”. This policy vacuum is encouraging other political actors to rush in to fill the void, with unpredictable effects. After concluding her prepared remarks, Mazza generously remained for a lively Q & A discussion.

Mazza writes for Corriere della Sera and is the author or co-author of five books and the winner of six journalism awards. She studied at the American University of Cairo in 2005 after having received a master’s in journalism from Columbia University in NY. Her BA is from the University of Turin.  

Thank you to Claudia Flisi, former Chair and Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad - Milan Chapter, for contributing this story.






In today’s interconnected world where all data is shared, it’s so important to understand the complex system of dual reporting to both the American and Italian authorities.


Did you know …

- that all Americans citizens residing abroad must declare their foreign earnings and bank accounts to the US government even if they pay Italian taxes and do not work in the USA. Usually your Foreign-earned income exclusion, and Foreign Tax Credit from your Italian taxes covers your US taxes so you probably will not have to pay more, but you MUST declare.

- that the U.S. government has agreements with foreign financial institutions to disclose U.S. persons (FATCA) and there are new international disclosure treaties?

- that the new Streamlined Procedure offers the opportunity to report your earnings if you never have before to the U.S. government and return hopefully painlessly to the fold?

- what your responsibilities to the Italian government are? Aside from tax on Italian income you must also declare your American and foreign assets and income!

We highly recommend that all US citizens educate themselves about their choices and consult with informed fiscal professionals specialized in expat taxes for the US government and a professional specialized in understanding expat foreign assets to report to the Italian government .

Not all normal commercialiste have these capabilities.


Andrew Fields, MBA, RTRP, Tax Manager of Price Waterhouse Cooper/TLS Milano, is specialized in U.S. Individual Tax Compliance issues. He has been with Pwc for the past 20 years.

Andrew Fields Email: [email protected] Direct: +39 02 91605303


Colin Jamieson is a specialist in Italian, UK and international tax. He is dual qualified UK/Italian lawyer with over 25 years experience in helping investors in Italy manage their tax affairs. He is owner of - a resource center for Italian tax issues in the English language.

Avv. Colin Jamieson [email protected] Tel: + 39 02 488 3945 Cell: + 39 348 242 37 55







Join us in the emerald hills of Piacenza, 1 hour 20 min. south of Milan.  
Learn from the village ladies to make the famous Tortelli and then eat your creations! Be part of a  tasting of award winning wines with  Lily Ronney, a burgeoning winemaker who was initiated into the Italian wine world in the Colli Piacentini. She will offer her American insight on the history and culture of some of the region's finest and most interesting wines. Enjoy her political wine tasting games and have a relaxing, fun day in the pristine country side, filled with castles and vineyards, a veritable “little Tuscany”
Open to all Americans and their significant others.  
EURO 25 A PERSON, under 12 free - we will help with car pools
RSVP - [email protected]

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Democrats Abroad Milan Ushers in New Leadership!


Theresa Morelli and Nancy Fina are honored and excited to be co chairs for the Democrats Abroad Milan chapter

Our board will promote growth and work actively work to increase our membership in preparation for the crucial 2018 GOTV efforts and we will increase the amount of events and activities to connect and engage members in person, in Milan and Northern Italy.

The new officers are: 

Theresa Morelli (Co-Chair)

Nancy Fina (Co-Chair)

Sean Carlos (Vice-Chair)

Mike Waite (Secretary)

Astrid Palmieri (Treasurer)

The Co-chair combination reflects Theresa’s longstanding experience in Democrats Abroad as the founder of the DPCA’s first Country Committee with multiple chapters, when Theresa founded and chaired Democrats Abroad Milan, then Democrats Abroad Italy, and served on both the DPCA Executive Committee and the DNC as a Super-Delegate. A long-serving political activist and renowned community advocate in Milan she looks forward to bringing Democrats Abroad Milan and its many talented and fired-up members to enthusiastic participation and active expression in the forefront of Milan!

Nancy is a true blue democrat who totally embraces the ideals of the democratic party, she has lived in Italy for 30 years. She is consumed with enthusiasm to create exciting events to show case Democrats abroad and increase the membership to create a vital turn around for the 2018 elections. The time is ripe and so many people share our shock , horror and concerns. Our job is to harness the incredible energy of the Resistance Movement and to impact our elections in 2018 through GOTV efforts as much as possible. As a group we will be able to enrich our strengths and passions to make a lasting mark.

"Our job is to harness the incredible energy of the Resistance Movement and to impact our elections in 2018 through GOTV efforts as much as possible."

Secretary, Mike Waite is originally from the proudly Democratic city of Boston and has been involved with Democrats Abroad for over 7 years. As an intern for DA Munich in Germany Mike launched their Facebook page and was active in reaching out to members and coordinating events. Now living in Parma, Mike is excited to bring his experience to the position of Secretary of the Milan Chapter and to get our message out and rally supporters to ensure Democrats win in the next mid-term and presidential elections!

We are joined by Sean Carlos (vice chair) and former Chair, Astrid Palmieri as (treasurer) both who share our democratic values and dedication to make Democrats Abroad Milan a thriving chapter leading with Democratic spirit and collective action.

Our greatest desire is to connect with like minded Americans and harness the energy of democratic values to create a vibrant chapter where all may contribute to bring about a positive change in the 2018 elections.

Vote in the Global Presidential Primary in Milan - March 7

For information contact Astrid Palmieri at [email protected]

DA North Intro

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Northern Italy!

DA Northern Italy is a chapter of the official country committee for US Democrats living in Italy. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch.

If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Northern Italy, please contact us.

Mark Pendell - 
Democrats Abroad - Northern Italy
[email protected]

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