September Newsletter

Welcome back! We hope you have had a relaxing and rejuvenating summer. We, the executive committee and volunteers, spent ours learning languages in France, Italy, and Nicaragua, travelling Stateside to Illinois and Louisiana, and taking the warm months to enjoy all the beautiful sights that Austria has to offer.

Regardless of where we were, we are rejuvenated and ready to get out the vote in the upcoming elections and we hope you are as well! We reconvened on August 31 for our September monthly meeting and it’s looking like a busy fall season. We hope to see many of you at events over the next few months! Mark your calendars for these upcoming events or keep an eye on our website if the dates and details aren’t yet fixed.

Sept 24 - Solidarity Sunday Vienna #8 - Phonebanking Fun! Making Our Vote Count in Special Elections Now
Oct 1 - Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany
Oct 7 - Liberal Libations - DAAT Fundraiser
Oct 29 - Solidarity Sunday #9
Nov 23 - Thanksgiving Dinner at Restaurant Sperl
Nov 26 - Solidarity Sunday #10

Dates & Locations TBA:

Poster Hanging Pub Crawl
Young Dems Pub Night October, November, December
Voter registration tables
DAATalks speaker series

In the September Issue:


  • SolSun #8 Phonebanking Fun! Making Our Vote Count in Special Elections
  • Liberal Libations - Democrats Abroad Austria Fundraiser

Issues & Actions

  • Are you a Savvy Vote-From-Abroad Voter?
  • Call for Global Auction Items
  • Every Vote Counts! Phone Banking for 2017 Special Elections
  • Energetic and in the Provinces? We Want You!


  • How Democrats Abroad Spent Our Summer Vacation
  • Resistance Summer Poster Hanging Pub Crawl
  • DA Around the Globe

Members’ Corner

  • Happenings Around Town of Interest

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Solidarity Sunday #8 Phonebanking Fun!

Making our vote count in special elections now! The vote is already on and New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, Utah and Alabama have state or federal elections right now or real soon. Get phonebanking with us to help your fellow Democrats Abroad from these states to register, request a ballot, and VOTE. Let's flip these elections together!

Phone, phone blue! :-)

RSVP via Facebook here

WHEN: September 24, 2017 at 4pm - 7pm
WHERE: Amerlinghaus
Stiftgasse 8
Vienna 1070
Google map and directions
CONTACT: Antje Lewis · [email protected]

Liberal Libations #2
Liberal Libations

We'll be tasting a variety of white, red and sparkling wines from Italy, Slovenia and Austria accompanied by a tasty spread of cheeses and charcuterie.

Also joining us for the evening will be Martha McDevitt-Pugh an elected member of the US Democratic National Committee and Chair of the Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus. Martha lives in The Netherlands and has led a variety of innovative initiatives, including a successful effort to change US immigration law to include LGBT partners.

She chairs the board of Gala, the award-winning ING Bank network for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees and serves on ING’s Diversity and Inclusion Experts Network.

WHEN: October 07, 2017 at 6pm - 10pm
WHERE: Keith & Kate's Place
Mariahilferstrasse 7/2
Vienna 1060
CONTACT: Keith Jacomine
TICKETS: €30.00

Issues & Actions

Score Vote-From-Abroad Savvy with the Solidarity Sundays Vienna

Unsuppress your vote - from abroad - with our quick QUIZ! Just 13 questions will teach you all you need to know as an overseas voter. Take the Quiz and then either send your results to [email protected] or share the link on our Facebook page with your score and tag it #DAresists! We’ll tally up the results for next month’s newsletter. Brought to you by Democrats Abroad Austria and #solsunvienna

Ready, Set, Go!

Midterm elections season is just around the corner and Democrats Abroad is gearing up to get Democrats elected up and down the ticket. Getting out the vote requires both money and volunteers, and DA’s GOTV Team is working on both. Please help out with the following two actions.

Going, Going, gone! Call for Global Auction Items

Are you an opera aficionado? An expert on the architecture, art, culture of your adopted city? Or a foodie who loves to share your knowledge? Do you have a holiday house that’s free or a skill you’d like to share? DA will once again host a Global Auction in order to raise funds for our Get Out the Vote (GOTV) activities in 2018 and we need items to auction!

When you're thinking of potential items, please keep in mind that physical items will likely have to be shipped somewhere across the globe, but DA members love to travel and vacation homes, tickets, tours, and experiences in your area are popular auction items.

The auction has been very well received by our members and the results have been a resounding success with nearly $50,000 raised in 2015. In the past DA Austria has put together a very popular and high bidding "Austria Tour Package" including accommodations and activities. In order to offer this package again this year we are looking for an accommodation to add. If you have an airbnb or free apartment during the year that you would generously be willing to offer, please contact us at [email protected]. This is a lovely way to meet other DA members from across the globe!

If you have other items to offer outside the scope of our DAA package, please submit your offer through this form and you will be contacted by the auction's primary organizers. The sooner we can confirm commitments, the better results we'll get!

The auction itself is set to run November 12-22. Mark your calendars!

Every Vote Counts! Phonebanking for the 2017 Special Elections

The Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Team is kicking off phonebanking campaigns to support Democrats running in upcoming New Jersey and Virginia State Elections and Florida’s Special Election for State Senate District 40 by reminding overseas voters to request their ballots and vote.

Phonebanking is easy and people are grateful to get a reminder. Sign-up in the link to help the team and if you’re in Vienna join DA Austria on Sunday, September24th for a phonebanking get-together and training.

Energetic and in the Provinces? We Want You!

Solidarity Sundays Resistance Summer

Many of DA Austria’s members live outside of Vienna and would also enjoy getting together and meeting some fellow Dems, throwing a watch party, phone banking together, or joining one of the many GOTV events that will be taking place over the next year. That’s why we’re looking for people from Burgenland to Vorarlberg who would like to organize an event. It’s easier than you think and we’ll give you any support you may need. Please contact Jennifer at [email protected] if you think you might like to hold a meet-up or event. We’d love to hear from you!


How Democrats Abroad Spent Our Summer Vacation

Democrats in Austria and around the globe were busy activating members and letting our voices be heard back in DC. Read here about global Resistance Summer activities.

Poster Hanging Pub Crawl
Poster Hanging Pub Crawl

The first Resistance Summer Poster Hanging event on August 11th went well: we visited several locations and spread the message of Democrats Abroad, all while enjoying good company! Nevertheless, there are still plenty of places to visit and posters to be hung. We welcome volunteers to add locations to the list (like favorite bars in your neighborhood) and also to hang posters yourself! If you would like to help hang the posters please contact [email protected] and we’ll arrange for you to get some posters.

A second pub crawl event will soon be added to the website. We hope you will be able to join us in the fun!

Click on the link for the list of bars to hang posters. It’s waiting for you to add your name to it!

About the Google Doc: Please edit the document if necessary. If you have called a new location and they have approved of hanging posters (mention that it’s for Democrats Abroad, as some locations may not want political affiliation), add the name of the location to the “PLACES CONFIRMED” section. If there are any specifics you would like to mention put them in the “WITH DOUBTS” section and even if places decline add them to the “PLACES DECLINED“ section to let everybody know that there’s no need to contact them again. After having hung the posters please add the location to the “PLACES VISITED” section.

Members’ Corner

Happenings OF INTEREST Around Town

Panel Discussion:
DA Austria Chair Jennifer Rakow-Stepper has been invited by the Wiener Bildungsakadamie to join a panel discussion entitled, Fröhlich, bunt und stark gegen Trump. The discussion will focus on ‘the resistance that has developed because of the politics of Trump’s sexist, misogynist, and neglect of human rights policies’ and how his ‘declarations and deeds have strengthened the feminist and civil rights movements and have made the resistance more colourful, joyful and stronger.’ October 2 at 6:00 pm at ega:frauen im Zentrum, Windmühlgasse 26, 1060 Vienna

History buffs and others who would like to learn more about Austria might be interested in the following events taking place in September:

The Vienna Museum and the IWM in cooperation with Time to Talk is sponsoring the “Vienna Humanities Festival” from September 22 to 24 around Karlsplatz - the theme is Revolution. Admission is free.

Professor Marjorie Perloff, Professor Emerita of English at Stanford University and at the University of Southern California, will present and discuss her new book, Edge of Irony, Modernism in the Shadow of the Habsburg Empire Karl Kraus, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Joseph Roth, Robert Musil, Elias Canetti, Paul Celan at Grillparzerhaus (Literaturmuseum), Johannesgasse 6, 1010 Vienna,on Tuesday, September 26 at 7pm. The evening is hosted by the Wittgenstein Initiative and is free