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I am committed to working for Democratic principles and insuring that all Americans living in Hungary are informed of their patriotic duty to vote in EVERY US election.

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    Unequal pay!

    I was the CEO of multiple credit unions. During my tenure every position I took (I was a specialist for rehabilitating troubled credit unions). When I took my last position I, not only received awards and accolades for my work, but I had over 30 years experience. When I left that position with the credit union in a much more stable financial position, the credit union hired a "fresh out of college" man at a salary that was over $20,000 more per year than I was making. This happened at every credit union I worked at. I worked hard to ensure our staff was paid equally based on experience. There is definitely a disparity of pay between men and women in the same position. The justification is that a man has to provide for the family and a woman's income is considered secondary. That is not the case and should not be a consideration for salary and benefits.  Marylin, living in Hungary, voting in Washington

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