A Message for Nebraska Voters

Your vote this fall is critical to Democrats winning in Nebraska! We have a chance to win key elections and ballot campaigns this year but we need you to vote. We helped secure Medicaid Expansion on the ballot which will give health care to 90,000 Nebraskans. We know that we can succeed; in 2014 we raised the minimum wage thru the ballot. We have several statewide and local races in which you can make a difference, including Bob Krist for Governor and Spencer Danner for Secretary of State. Bob Krist is running against Trump’s best friend and billionaire, Pete Ricketts, whose attempts to buy the Legislature are a threat to government by the people.  In addition, Ricketts has illegally executed one inmate (the first Nebraska execution in 21 years) and is anxiously awaits the next execution. State Senator Bob Krist, a retired Air Force colonel, has served in the legislature for the last 10 years helping Nebraska families obtain health care and protecting those most vulnerable.We need Sen. Krist in the Governor’s Mansion! Spencer Danner will make sure that every registered voter can vote. Nebraska Republicans have put forward Voter I.D. laws for the last 8 years and have been beaten every year only because of Democratic leadership. Republicans are afraid because if people turn out to vote, they know they lose. For more information about these elections and to see all 850 Democrats running, check out nebraskademocrats.org.

If you are not registered, please register NOW. If you haven't yet requested your ballot this year, please do so NOW to make sure you can vote. Just go to votefromabroad.org, fill in the Federal registration form, print, sign and send it in to your local election office here in Nebraska.

On behalf of the Nebraska Democratic Party I thank you for your commitment to voting!

Democratically yours,
Jane Kleeb
Chair, Nebraska Democratic Party


Your deadlines are coming up. Don't forget:

REGISTER to vote from abroad by Friday, October 19. Your registration form will also request your ballot and may be sent by email, fax or postal mail. We recommend registering by email or fax, and requesting that your ballot be delivered to you by email.


REQUEST your overseas absentee ballot by Friday, October 26, 6 pm local time. You may send your request form by email, fax or postal mail. We recommend sending your request form by email, and having your ballot delivered to you by email.


RETURN your ballot by Tuesday, November 6, 8 pm local time by email*, fax* or mail.

*Ballot return by email or fax requires prior approval. Please contact your election official.


All overseas voters may vote in Nebraska state and local elections as well as elections for federal offices (US House and US Senate races).

Note: When you fill in your ballot request form, be aware that selecting “I intend to return” rather than “my return is uncertain” may contribute towards establishing yourself as a tax resident in your voting state. Because the legal requirements to establish "residence" or "domicile" for tax purposes are determined by state law and the specific facts of your life, before you note that you intend to return on your form you may consider seeking advice on these matters from your tax professional.