LLamas and sheep and fleamarket and café near Uddevalla

We're dedicated to political organizing, getting Americans abroad to vote and to influence our government. But we also believe in having a good time and building community.

DA member Jeff Cabot lives on a farm in Utby near Uddevalla where two of his daughters -- Emily and Alexandra -- run a wonderful fleamarket & café (Systrarnas Loppis & Café). Seven of us visited for a special tour on Sunday 23 July.

Adrianne George, Anna Hedbys, Carry Cooper, Jeff Cabot, Rick Wicks, Cheryl Boardman, Bill Collier (photos by Jonas Lind, seen below with llamas)

The large barn and several nearby sheds are stuffed with fascinating fleamarket goods. The café serving wonderful homemade pastries -- Alexandra is a trained baker -- is also in the barn amidst fleamarket splendor. 

Outside we picnicked and wandered among the flowers and the  llamas, sheep, rabbits, chickens, the pot-bellied pig Ingemar, the (Democratic) donkey Ior, and more.

We had a wonderful time connecting again with Jeff -- whom we met last year at our Voting Center in Uddevalla during our Global Presidential Primary Election (between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders) -- and meeting his lovely wife Yvonne and charming daughters. 

We look forward eagerly to our next visit. Thanks Jeff and family! (and thanks to Carry for renting a van for us!)

#DAresists #ResistanceSummer