Vice Chair - Democrats Abroad Colombia

Sharing information to families, friends and colleagues who live outside the U.S., participating in webinars and other information sharing, focusing on public health and health promotion initiatives as appropriate.

  • Rob Simmons, Pledged Biden Delegate

    I am a public health professional who retired in Colombia with my wife, Roselena, having been a Peace Corps volunteer here. I have served as a public health policy leader with many health organizations, served as a Fulbright Scholar in Latin America and Spain, and have been an active Democrat in California, Pennsylvania, and Delaware my entire career. I currently volunteer with the Colombian Public Health Association, the St. Vincent de Paul Foundation, and Caring Crowd, a global health crowd-sourcing initiative. I am dedicated to environmental and social justice and have particular experience in health advocacy training, having led numerous advocacy summits in Washington DC. From 1996-2003, I worked at Delaware’s largest hospital system, and had the opportunity to meet with and discuss health policy initiatives with then Senator Biden. I am asking for your support as a Democrats Abroad Delegate from the Americas pledged to former Vice President Biden. [email protected]

Rob is retired in Colombia after 45 years as a public health professor and health educator having worked globally in the United States and globally at universities, health care systems, voluntary health organizations, and private health foundations. I hav