Rob Simmons, Pledged Biden Delegate

I am a public health professional who retired in Colombia with my wife, Roselena, having been a Peace Corps volunteer here. I have served as a public health policy leader with many health organizations, served as a Fulbright Scholar in Latin America and Spain, and have been an active Democrat in California, Pennsylvania, and Delaware my entire career. I currently volunteer with the Colombian Public Health Association, the St. Vincent de Paul Foundation, and Caring Crowd, a global health crowd-sourcing initiative. I am dedicated to environmental and social justice and have particular experience in health advocacy training, having led numerous advocacy summits in Washington DC. From 1996-2003, I worked at Delaware’s largest hospital system, and had the opportunity to meet with and discuss health policy initiatives with then Senator Biden. I am asking for your support as a Democrats Abroad Delegate from the Americas pledged to former Vice President Biden. [email protected]