HUGE EVENT UPDATE! Re: DA Madrid Black History Month Event

To add even another level of interest and excitement to our Black History Month Event this Sunday Feburary 21st, we will also be participating in the Global Town Hall, an opportunity for both the Clinton and Sanders campaigns to field questions from Americans living abroad. We will be incorporating our event into the Global Town Hall by asking the campaigns questions regarding race and Black history. 
 Participating in the Town Hall for each campaign will be: 
- Jake Sullivan, Hillary Clinton's top Foreign Policy Advisor, will join us from the Clinton campaign. Mr. Sullivan served as Secretary Clinton’s Director of Policy Planning at the State Department. He also served as Vice President Joe Biden’s National Security Advisor and was a main architect of the Iranian nuclear talks.
- Bernie Sanders has yet to confirm the exact person who will be speaking with us. 
So start thinking of questions you want to ask the campaigns, and join us on this Sunday
Can't wait to see you there! 
Check the event out on our Facebook page as well!