DA Madrid attends Human Rights Resistance Conference

Last Thursday December 10th, International Human Rights Day, Christina Samson (Treasurer DA Madrid), Revé Fisher (Secretary DA Madrid) and Samuel Mattern (Chair DA Madrid) had the honor of attending an event organized by Human Rights Resistance, the Salvador Allende Association, ASESP and the magazine Incognita.

We were thrilled to see the passion and effort these students poured into the event, with several expert guest speakers addressing issues such as Sustainable Development, Freedom of the Press, LGTBI Rights and the history of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This conference also encouraged us to continue with our own work through DA, with the knowledge that our world will be left to young people who will soon take the lead with professionalism, empathy and commitment, taking care of both our planet and its most vulnerable collectives.

@hrresistance, thank you and bravo!

Link to video here