Sarala Morusupalli-DNC Representative- Global

Since 2015, I have served as Legal Counsel and Treasurer of DemocratsAbroad India. Previously, I organized for numerous campaigns and was the Director of Election Protection for Minnesota for the DFL (dems). As your representative to the DNC, I will focus on: DIVERSITY: As a young democrat and immigrant who presently runs a nonprofit for greater legal/gender/minority rights in India, I am committed towards increasing visibility/diversity by representing ALL the unique experiences/stories we have; from students, voting rights/security, impact of COVID-19, effects of FATCA, environmental justice, and more. UNITY: To unite our party/build relationships through common experiences and fight for our goals by elevating the voices of Asia Pacific/Globally at the DNC. TRANSPARENCY: To devote myself towards ensuring ALL members easily access progress and consistently ensure representation/advocacy by working with CC leadership and through regular calls/email updates/social media initiatives with accountability. Please email me! Let's talk more. saralamorusupalli@gmail