International Secretary - Kathleen Jones- Democrats Abroad

Name:                              Kathleen Jones

Gender:                            Female

Candidate:                       International Secretary

Member since:                 2015

Country/Countries:          UAE


International relations professional specializing in peace & security with over 15 years spent working as a multilateral diplomat with the United Nations and as an advisor to emerging donor. Experience living in UAE, South Sudan, Afghanistan, and New York. 

Creative problem solver with career highlights including designing and implementing early warning systems for the prevention of conflict, advising on foreign aid, and writing foreign policy and analysis. 



Describe your volunteer work with DA and cite your greatest accomplishment.

I have not been very active with DA previously. I would like to help add events that motivate the membership community to get involved. The lead up to 2020 may present an ideal moment to capitalize on such momentum.

Why are you running for this office?

Given the realities facing our country since 2016, I am compelled to get more involved with national politics. I would consider it an honor to be able to serve Democrats Abroad in this capacity.

How will your skill sets and experience contribute to DA's success?

Above all else, I excel at long-term strategic thinking. This ability allowed me to see past the stark realities faced during conflict in Afghanistan and South Sudan and make plans for a better future.

Are there any DA organizational or practical issues(not political goals) that you would like to address, should you be elected?

Establish better in-country links to the American diplomatic and business communities.

What are the three pressing political issues that you would work to include in the DA 2020 Platform and why?

Simple: put forth a winning candidate for 2020. Amidst the myriad important issues, this one is paramount to all others.

How can Democrats Abroad best raise our profile among American voters abroad and better work to elect Democrats?

  1. Increase DA presence at American events through chambers of commerce and diplomatic events. 
  2. Arrange social gatherings around key political events.
  3. Reach out to voters to explain the simplicity of the voting-from-abroad process.