April 01, 2021

Winnipeg Chapter - Notice of Annual General Meeting + Candidate statements

DemsAbroad Winnipeg

SATURDAY, May 1, 2021
1:00 PM CT on WebEx

The Board of Democrats Abroad Canada – Winnipeg
invites you to attend your Annual General Meeting

The Winnipeg Chapter is in the stage of reformation, and the AGM is an opportunity for members from across Manitoba to come together to discuss plans for chapter sustainability, and for a report on the activities of Manitoba members for the 2020 election.

During the AGM, elections for the chapter leadership for the 2021-23 term will take place.

A Call for Nominations was distributed to the members on Mar. 14th and you can access Candidate Statements by clicking here.

Some offices did not receive nominations, which will be open for nominations from the floor during the AGM. We’re hopeful there are a few people in the chapter who are interested in working with fellow Americans to engage the Manitoba members and prepare for the mid-term elections. Leaders can be anywhere in Manitoba. You are not expected to know the inner-workings of DemsAbroad to be a chapter leader, and you’ll have the support of other chapters, and DemsAbroad Canada. Only members present in the AGM will be able to vote for any nominations from the floor. Ballots will be distributed on April 10th. If you are interested in an office without a declared candidate please send an email to the Nominations & Elections Committee prior to May 1st.

Democratically yours,

DemsAbroad Canada - Winnipeg
Nominations & Elections Committee

Ed Ungar, Chair
Julie Buchanan
Steve Nardi, Teller of Elections