Raskin GOTV

Jamie Raskin is running for Congress in the 8th District of Maryland, and he could use your support!

State Rep. Deborah Ross needs your vote from abroad in North Carolina

State Representative Ross is trying to unseat Richard Burr in US Senate for North Carolina! Let's make sure she has our support by sending her NC votes and sharing this with friends and family!

Senator Ann Murray needs your vote from abroad in Washington

Senator Murray, Washington's first female Senator needs our help to keep her seat Democratic.

Ann Kirkpatrick needs your vote from abroad in Arizona

Hi Arizona voters: Ann Kirkpatrick knows how important your vote is from overseas and she recorded these two videos just for Democrats Abroad. 

30 Second Shareable:

Full Length: 

Tim Kaine wants you to Vote From Abroad


Tim Kaine wants you to Vote From Abroad

Senator Tim Kaine has a special message for National Voter Registration Day in the US and overseas! Make sure you register to vote and request your absentee ballot by going to www.VoteFromAbroad.org 

Party Platform Comparisons



We're proud to have a part in passing the most progressive party platform ever in the history of the party!

Why is the Platform important?

This document is comprised of the ideas, goals, and beliefs, and serves as the declaration of how we plan to move our country forward.

"Democrats believe that cooperation is better than conflict, unity is better than division, empowerment is better than resentment, and bridges are better than walls.

It’s a simple but powerful idea: We are stronger together."

Some of our amazing members have gone through both the Democratic Platform and the Republican Platform, and summarized them into the top ten issues comparison. Whose values reflect the issues you care about?


Click on the image above to view/download the full Party Platform Comparison JPG (or click this link to download the PDF). 

Special Video Message from Elizabeth Warren for Democrats Abraod

Senator Elizabeth Warren made a guest appearance during Democrats Abroad Global Town Hall and recorded this special message for us!
It's time to Get Out The Vote and make sure we elect Democrats up and down the ballot and Take Back Congress.
There are four simple things that you can do to help during this#WeekendOfAction

1. Register/Request your ballot by going to www.VoteFromAbroad.org
2. Volunteer by phone banking with uswww.democratsabroad.org/voter_support_team !
3. Make sure your family and friends who are Americans overseas are registered to vote and have requested their ballots!
4. Donate to help Democrats Abroad's global phone banking and voter outreach at www.DemocratsAbroad.org/Donate !


Voting Rights for Americans Born Abroad

During the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, PA Democrats Abroad reached out to delegates from these 14 states that do not recognize the voting rights of US Citizens born overseas who have not lived in the US:  Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Louisiana, Maryland, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Utah.

*We are pleased that New Jersey changed their voter registration laws in 2017 and now permits New Jersey citizens living abroad to vote.  The other 13 states still disenfranchise citizens born abroad who have never lived in the US.  This has got to change!


Why You Need to Vote From Abroad!

Democrats Abroad has made addressing FATCA a part of the party platform and Hillary is committed too. Now let's register and request our ballots at VoteFromAbroad.org and make it happen!