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It's Easy to Vote from Abroad

Our friends in DA-Sweden made this video to show all Americans abroad how easy it is to use

Global Presidential Primary - Logramos que sea Fácil (en Español)

Cualquier ciudadano americano viviendo en el extranjero puede votar en la Elección Global de Candidatos Presidenciales ahora hasta el 8 de marzo. Hazte miembro de Democrats Abroad en . Encuentra un centro de votación o consigue tu boleta electoral en

Voting in the DA Primary - We Make It Easy

Our friends in DA-Sweden made this video to show all Americans abroad how easy it is to vote in the Global Presidential Primary.  Please Share ! 

Global Presidential Primary - We Make It Easy - Democrats Abroad from Democrats Abroad on Vimeo.


Just How Many Americans Abroad Are There?

Did you know? There are 8.7 million Americans Abroad - making us the twelfth biggest U.S. state by population. 



Kirsten Gillibrand explains how your vote from abroad makes a difference

Kirsten Gillibrand is not running for anything in 2016, but she wants you to vote nonetheless. If you want to send a message to Washington to let them know that Americans abroad are a politically consequential constituency, the best way to do that is to vote. Significant numbers of votes in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary will make our elected officials take notice. They are just now beginning to listen, and they are engaged with us like never before. Let's not miss this opportunity: help make the message loud and clear. Do what the Senator says : use your voice, cast your vote !


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Al Franken wants YOU to vote from abroad

Cory Booker wants YOU to vote from abroad.

Study Abroad Poster

Click on the image to open an A4 pdf of the poster.