August 23, 2017

Call for Vice Chair Position DALCC Nominations

Dear DA Lion City Members,

Our current Vice Chair, Bill Gelman, has had to step down and we are currently seeking a replacement. Our by-laws stipulate that the Chair and Vice-Chair must be different genders, so we need a male to fill the position.  

The role and responsibilities of the Vice Chair are as follows:

  • DPCA Voting Member
    • Attend and vote at the regional meeting (in person or WebEx)
    • Attend and vote at annual DPCA global meeting (in person or WebEx) or ensure the other Country Committee(CC) leader carries your proxy
  • To partner with the Chair and take on some of the responsibilities at the local, regional, and global level. For a detailed breakdown of these responsibilities click here.
  • Be prepared to step in for the Chair if necessary.

If you know anyone who would be willing to contribute to the Democratic cause in this manner, please reach out to Patricia Reed, Chair DALCC at [email protected] or Melissa Herron, Head of Nominations at [email protected]

Democratically yours,

The DALCC Exco