Report on Historic Democrats Abroad Global Town Hall Event

On February 21st, Democrats Abroad held a historic event -- a Global Town Hall where the presidential nominees were given the opportunity to directly address citizens abroad and speak to their issues and concerns. Each campaign had a segment where they delivered an opening statement and then the forum was opened up to questions submitted by Dems Abroad attendees.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright represented the Clinton campaign and shared a lot of her own insights and experience as well as highlighting her long-standing history and relationship with Secretary Clinton. During the question period, when asked about the Same Country Safe Harbor proposal for FATCA and Residence Based Taxation (RBT) Secretary Albright re-iterated the campaign's positions on these issues impacting American citizens abroad -- saying that Secretary Clinton had heard of the issues on FATCA and RBT, and that Clinton believes we need to examine these complex issues in more detail.

During the break, the Dems Abroad team presented some shout-outs to groups around the globe, highlighting events and house parties in Barcelona and Edinburgh. I saw groups checking in on Twitter from India and New Zealand, and all over Europe and Asia. They also gave us some fun facts -- did you know that there are anywhere from six to nine million Americans living abroad? Democrats abroad sends 21 voting delegates to the Democratic National Conventions (13 pledged and several super-delegates). If we were a state, we would be the 12th largest state in the U.S.

Senator Sanders then joined us, taking a short break during a campaign stop in South Carolina to make his opening statement and then go directly to the two questions impacting citizens abroad. He emphasized his agreement with the Same Country Safe Harbor proposal and again thanked Democrats Abroad for their work and leadership on these issues. As for RBT, Senator Sanders' answer offered more definite support for residence based taxation, saying "we can do better" for our citizens living and working abroad.

You can see the candidates written responses on the issues most impacting U.S. citizens abroad by checking the Democrats Abroad website -- Check it out, and VOTE!