Americans to Vote in Portugal to Choose the Democratic Nominee

Democrats Abroad Portugal is organizing Ballot Assistance Events across Portugal to help Americans vote in the Global Presidential Primary. Ballot Assistance Events are not official polling stations, but are opportunities to pick up your remote ballot and get help sending it in, as well as to connect with like-minded expats. 

These events will be held in Portugal between March 3 and 10, 2020. Events are being planned for Porto, Lisbon, Oeiras, Setúbal, Sintra area, Caldas da Rainha, Coimbra, and Tavira. See our EVENTS tab for up-to-date information.

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“The Brink” Film Screening Draws Democrats in Lisbon and Porto

The documentary film "The Brink" had its Portugal premiere in Lisbon on October 24, as part of the doclisboa film festival. Over 40 Democrats Abroad members attended the premier to view the film, in which award-winning filmmaker Alison Klayman takes on former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, following him for over a year as he tries to promote his brand of extreme nationalism and unite the far-right anti-immigrant parties of Europe. 

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Candidate Statements for 2017 DAP Executive Board Election

Tristan Averett


Information, communication, outreach and coordination are the keys to an active, thriving and effective organization. I believe that I can contribute to the leadership team using my skills and experience. My career spans 30 years of IT work with various databases. I served as Secretary for DAP in 2015/2016, making me familiar with the tools and requirements for this job. I volunteered with the Sanders 2016 campaign and am the Portugal coordinator for Our Revolution Abroad. I assisted in organizing the Dems Abroad Global Primary in Portugal and acted as the voting center manager in Lisbon. I've volunteered for earlier presidential campaigns as well as local races and issues wherever I lived. And I have run or participated in an annual voter registration drive every year since I was old enough to vote.


Nando Cruz (Fernando Aidos da Cruz)


At Democrats Abroad Portugal we need to pull together to fight for a future with dignity. These are concepts that have driven my professional and personal life.  I’ve served in consulting roles related to technology and quality engineering at HP, IBM, Siemens and Charles Schwab. Nearly 5 years ago, I founded Grassroots Communities, aimed at enabling developing country’s citizens’ use of technology in order  to live their lives  with dignity. I also volunteered in Africa with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. I’m also doing pro-bono work, developing and teaching leadership training modules for not-for-profits, as part of a McKinsey program. I was graduated by the University of Colorado with an MBA in Marketing and by the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg with a BSEE.


Marsella Gilbert

Principe Real, Lisboa

I decided to run for DAP Counsel for a very simple reason: If we want our political leaders to know our priorities, not only do we need to tell them repeatedly, but it’s imperative we also have those priorities show up in the polls. We have a lot of work to do for the upcoming elections in 2018 and 2020.  I believe my background as a politics major at the University of San Francisco, a paralegal certificate from Merritt College paired with my experience in labor organizing and as a district office volunteer coordinator to California Assemblywoman, Fiona Ma, prepare me to help revive the voter participation that we especially need as Democrats living abroad.



Andrew Hafenbrack

Benfica, Lisboa

I am running for DAP’s Executive Board because I think that the Democratic Party has the potential to help make the U.S. fair and reasonable. I would like to see a reduction in wars, healthcare and drug prices and private prisons. I would like GMOs to be labeled, parental leave to exist and the financial industry to be meaningfully regulated. I think there are enough impediments to third parties that the only way to make progress on these issues is to help Democrats get elected then hold those people accountable. I served Democrats Abroad Portugal for the last 9 months as Secretary.  I’m currently a professor at Católica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics. I graduated with a PHD in Organizational Behavior from INSEAD and received my BS in Decision Science from Carnegie Mellon.


Amy Kraushaar

Paço de Arcos

Voting is the most impactful method of putting our government back on track; therefore, this is my priority. As Vice Chair of DAP in 2016,  I led and/or participated in:  our  2016 elections night event in Lisboa;  revitalizing our Facebook page;  expanding DAP elections via absentee voting. I’m working on Democrats Abroad Global’s ‘Get Out The Vote’ Committee focused on 2017 special elections, which connects me to our global resources.  My career in strategic marketing prepares me as Treasurer to focus on funding improved member communications and creating high-value events and local support across Portugal. My goal is for you to feel part of a DAP community that is informed, ready and able to change our US government in 2018 and 2020.


Deb Simpson (Deborah)


Democrats Abroad Portugal has an influence on American politics; let’s increase our impact by working together to build our volunteer base, to find every Democratic voter in Portugal and to ensure they vote in the 2018 elections. We will reach our members across Portugal to involve, listen, communicate and participate.  The generosity of volunteers donating their time, energy and skills to campaigns enabled me to serve 10 years in the Maine legislature, so I remain mindful of everyone’s time and effort. In Maine, I was accustomed to working as part of a team, from Chairing the House Judiciary Committee to working with other legislators on the Taxation and Natural Resources Committees as well as on the boards of public organizations, including Head Start. Let’s all work together to increase our impact on the crucial 2020 vote.

Report on Historic Democrats Abroad Global Town Hall Event

On February 21st, Democrats Abroad held a historic event -- a Global Town Hall where the presidential nominees were given the opportunity to directly address citizens abroad and speak to their issues and concerns. Each campaign had a segment where they delivered an opening statement and then the forum was opened up to questions submitted by Dems Abroad attendees.

Former Secretary of State Madeline Albright represented the Clinton campaign and shared a lot of her own insights and experience as well as highlighting her long-standing history and relationship with Secretary Clinton. During the question period, when asked about the Same Country Safe Harbor proposal for FATCA and Residence Based Taxation (RBT) Secretary Albright re-iterated the campaign's positions on these issues impacting American citizens abroad -- saying that Secretary Clinton had heard of the issues on FATCA and RBT, and that Clinton believes we need to examine these complex issues in more detail.

During the break, the Dems Abroad team presented some shout-outs to groups around the globe, highlighting events and house parties in Barcelona and Edinburgh. I saw groups checking in on Twitter from India and New Zealand, and all over Europe and Asia. They also gave us some fun facts -- did you know that there are anywhere from six to nine million Americans living abroad? Democrats abroad sends 21 voting delegates to the Democratic National Conventions (13 pledged and several super-delegates). If we were a state, we would be the 12th largest state in the U.S.

Senator Sanders then joined us, taking a short break during a campaign stop in South Carolina to make his opening statement and then go directly to the two questions impacting citizens abroad. He emphasized his agreement with the Same Country Safe Harbor proposal and again thanked Democrats Abroad for their work and leadership on these issues. As for RBT, Senator Sanders' answer offered more definite support for residence based taxation, saying "we can do better" for our citizens living and working abroad.

You can see the candidates written responses on the issues most impacting U.S. citizens abroad by checking the Democrats Abroad website -- Check it out, and VOTE!

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Portugal!

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Bem-vindo aos Democrats Abroad - Portugal!

Welcome to DA-Portugal, the official arm of the Democratic Party for American Democrats living in Portugal – on the continent, Madeira, and the Azores. If you subscribe to the principles of the Democratic Party, live in Portugal, and will be 18 years old by Election Day in November 2020, please join us by clicking the Join link at the bottom of this post.

Democrats Abroad supports every American abroad to register to vote, and cast their ballots from overseas. In 2020, our get-out-the-vote (GOTV) efforts will be especially vital for the presidential primaries and general election. Globally and locally, we rely on volunteers to ensure members and friends are enfranchised every election, every year. American absentee votes have been decisive in numerous elections across the US.

Together with DA country committees around the globe, we're making specific issues faced by overseas Americans known on Capitol Hill and joining important activism events with friends and family in the US. With technology and social media, there are many ways for us to make our voices heard, even an ocean away.

Watch this space and our News and Events tabs above for upcoming announcements of meetings and events. We have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating and helping with Democrats Abroad Portugal to get in touch.

Please share your questions, ideas, and enthusiasm for politics with us! We look forward to meeting you!

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