Final Push to Stop the Tax Scam

Democrats Abroad asks Americans around the world to make their voices heard, and to call or message Congress TODAY to help stop the GOP Tax Scam. The final fight over the GOP Tax Scam will be decided in the next few days but the impact will last decades. 

Republicans in Congress are about to pass tax reform that economists agree will make the enormous divide between the rich and the rest of us even bigger.

Guidelines, scripts and resources to stop the GOP Tax Scam are available here. 

Whether you’ve called Congress every day this year or just once to save ACA, we need your help now.  We need EVERY VOICE.

There’s still hope. As Senate and House move to conference this week to harmonize the differences in their tax bills, it is critical that they hear from ALL of us, with reminders of how damaging this legislation will be. If just a handful of Representatives or Senators can’t meet in the middle, it's over.

Our December Tax Action Pack includes scripts and sample language to call and message your Senators and Representatives, to ask that the tax plan be revamped to benefit ALL Americans, or vote NO when it comes to a final vote next week. You can also check our Action Pack for resources to better understand the tax bill and process.

This is our last chance to stop the worst legislation of 2017, and maybe of the decade. Despite claims that this “middle class tax cut” will grow the economy, those crunching the numbers — including the non-partisan Joint Committee on Taxation and Congressional Budget Office — predict it will:

  • FAIL (drastically) to reduce the deficit or pay for itself
  • FAIL to prioritize middle class tax cuts
  • FAIL to incentivize companies to hire more workers at better pay or bring back jobs sent overseas
  • FAIL to eliminate corporate tax loopholes
  • FAIL to simplify individual tax filing
  • FAIL to provide financial certainty to middle-class families, with no indication of what will happen after personal tax provisions expire in 7 years
  • FAIL to stem the growth of health insurance premiums
  • SUCCEED in removing 13 million Americans from the health insurance system, which will cause premiums to rise for those who remain in the system

...and on top of all that, Republicans have left Americans abroad out of the tax bill entirely.**  

In other words, do not expect economic benefits to trickle down from this donor class tax scam.

There are still a few days to stop this.  Please use and share our latest Tax Action Pack ASAP, to demand a better tax plan for ALL Americans:


**For a time there was a suggestion that Residence Based Taxation might be the subject of a House floor amendment by Rep George Holding – which turned into the fear that the amendment might actually be a change to the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion.  None of that came to pass.  The Senate debate, likewise for a time, looked like it might feature a floor amendment by Senator Rand Paul repealing FATCA.  That amendment also never materialized.  

📷 Falling on deaf ears. (Reuters/James Lawler)