July 14, 2023

Phonebank for New Jersey & win a stay in Portugal!

Democrats Abroad successfully helped new jerseyans abroad regain the right to vote in local elections. now we must let out members know!

You can choose to either:

  • Call our friendly Democrats Abroad members via our online call hub system to inform them of upcoming state elections and/or
  • Answer questions via email about overseas voting (templates will be provided).

All you need is a laptop or tablet and headphones!

Grand Prize Awarded to the volunteer who logs in the most hours on our call hub phone banking system for NJ's state competitive elections in 2023.

Take email training here and phone bank training here.

For additional information contact: 

Tricia Augustine-Hamilton: [email protected]

Check out the New Jersey State Team!

Why are we contacting our members?

Recent changes in NJ law (A3929/S2899) allow voters living abroad who mark their Federal Post Card Application (FPCA-overseas ballot request) “return is uncertain” to vote in STATE and Federal elections! NJ voters who mark their FPCA “intend to return” may vote in local, state, and Federal elections.

These laws are new, so we need to let our New Jersey members know they can vote and should request their ballots immediately to ensure they receive the correct ballot for both the Primary and General elections! 

What's at stake in this election?

Voting rights: After fighting a nearly 5-year struggle to restore our voting rights, which were unjustly taken away in 2017 by Republican Chris Christie, we must now fight to keep them! 

In the last election, Democrats lost seats by just a little over 500 votes. Many Democrats who did win had margins of victory that were razor-thin. This has emboldened Republicans who came out in full force against our voting rights bill. If we lose this election, we could lose our right to vote in state elections again. Overseas votes will be the margin of victory in 2023.  

Why do state elections matter?

Balance of Power:  

  • Governor Murphy abided by the environmental regulations set forth by the Paris Accords when our Republican President refused.
  • Imagine returning home and not having reproductive choice? This can be a reality if we do not win state elections. 
  • Medical insurance regulations: In some countries, Americans do not qualify for medical insurance because they are not permanent residents or citizens of that country. They need to get their medical insurance back home in NJ. 
  • As a result of conservative Justice Thomas’ suggestion that the court should “reconsider” cases that had affirmed LGBTQ rights, NJ state Democratic legislators passed a bill, which was signed by Governor Murphy, which guarantees marriage equality in New Jersey law by providing that all laws concerning marriage and civil union are to be read with gender neutral intent. For overseas voters, getting married in the United States may be the only option for LGBTQ+, if their host country does not support it.
  • State Decisions regarding Net Neutrality and the Climate Crisis impact our communications and environment all over the world.

NJ Programs and more: Overseas voters count on programs and state-funded institutions back home, such as the 24-hour hotline for veterans, higher education funding through the Higher Education Assistance Authority (HESSA), state student loan interest rates, and more. Overseas voters have a stake in state elections, and we need to vote to keep our voting rights!