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Whether you’re temporarily overseas or ‘going Dutch’, Democrats Abroad Netherlands brings us all together to keep connected to the political process back in the US.  Become a member – it's easy.

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Voting from abroad
In Dutch, there’s just one word (stem) for ‘vote’ and ‘voice’. And we couldn't agree more. Your vote is your voice — and we’re here to make sure you’re heard! Together, the voice of Americans abroad is millions strong with the power to swing elections all across the country. 

We vote in presidential elections, midterms for Congress, and local and special elections happening all the time. Our overseas voting website — — is the simplest, most effective way to make sure you never miss your chance to be heard. 

Events & activities
Throughout the year, we get together to make friends and make a difference. As a member, we’ll keep you informed of everything from 4th of July celebrations and Thanksgiving dinners to issue-oriented actions. You can find all our events here — and please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to help spread the word.

Get involved
We’re all volunteers here and there’s always a way to get involved. We need help planning and organizing activities, helping voters get their ballots, and managing our database and social media. And every 2 years, we elect leaders who will guide us through the next election cycle. Whether you like meeting new people or working behind the screen, please get in touch to help make it all happen. 

Join a caucus
Our caucuses are global teams focused on specific issues within our diverse community. We invite you to follow and get involved in the activities of any or all of them. We’d love to organize local caucus groups in the Netherlands, like our Democrats Abroad NL Youth Caucus, and are always looking for volunteers ready to take the lead. 

Global Asian-American & Pacific Islander Caucus
Global Black Caucus
Global Hispanic Caucus
Global LGBTQ+ Caucus
Global Progressive Caucus
Global Veterans & Military Families Caucus 
Global Women’s Caucus
Global Youth Caucus

DA Netherlands Leadership:

Marsha Hagney
| Vice-Chair
Fenna Milbauer
| Secretary
Cynthia Hernandez
| Treasurer
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  • News

    Proposed Bylaw Changes for Member Consideration

    At our Annual General Meeting on April 16, 2023. In addition to electing the next board of DA NL we will vote on proposed changes to our by laws. They are available here for the review of the membership before the meeting.

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    Join the Executive Committee

    Every 2 years, we elect leaders to keep Democrats Abroad NL going strong. Our
    incoming leaders will face a challenging time as we look forward to the 2024 elections. Do you want to help lead our vibrant organization? Or do you know someone with
    energy and commitment, who you’d like to nominate? Email: [email protected]

    Click 'read more' for more details!

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    Upcoming Events

    Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 03:00 PM Amsterdam Time
    Poki (A sign will be attached to the door) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Annual General Meeting & Elections

    We are pleased to announce the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in-person and via Zoom on Sunday, April 16th at 3:00 PM. The AGM is a great opportunity to come together, re-set, elect the new board, and learn about the work of the past year and going forward. Following the event we will hold a borrel. 

    The AGM will last about 90 minutes with the following proposed agenda:

    • 2022 Year In Review
    • Financial Report
    • Bylaws Revisions
    • GOTV Update
    • Taxation Task Force Update
    • Elections of new Executive Committee
    • Borrel

    All members in good standing will be able to elect the next Executive Committee for a two year term. Additionally, we will vote on proposed bylaw amendments. A draft of these bylaws will be posted for all members to see ahead of the meeting.

    More Information on our Elections:

    • A Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) will be formed. This is a group of DA members who are not running for election who will conduct our elections in a free,open and transparent manner.
    • The NEC will post position descriptions and a nation wide call for Executive Committee candidates.
    • Candidates will be vetted for being a member in good standing, candidate statements will be collected and posted ahead of the meeting.
    • During the AGM the elections will be held, voting will be allowed in person or electronically. Participation is available in-person or on Zoom.
    Wednesday, May 03, 2023 at 06:00 PM Time · 2 rsvps
    Address Provided Upon RSVP in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Grand Opening of our New Jersey Phonebanking Campaign Office

    Celebrate the Grand Opening of our New Jersey General Election 2023 Campaign Office on Wednesday, May 3rd at 6:00 PM, in Amsterdam! 

    • Light supper, wine, and soft drinks will be served.

    We will kick off the night with some needed volunteering. 

    You can choose to either:

    • Call our friendly Democrats Abroad members via our online call hub system to inform them of upcoming state elections and/or
    • Answer questions via email about overseas voting (templates will be provided).

    All you need is a laptop or tablet and headphones!

    Never volunteered before? No problem, training will be available at the event.

    ***Grand Prize Awarded to the volunteer who logs in the most hours on our call hub phone banking system for NJ's state competitive elections in 2023. This will be announced at the event!***

    Why are we contacting our members?

    Recent changes in NJ law (A3929/S2899) allow voters living abroad who mark their Federal Post Card Application (FPCA-overseas ballot request) “return is uncertain” to vote in STATE and Federal elections! NJ voters who mark their FPCA “intend to return” may vote in local, state, and Federal elections.

    These laws are new, so we need to let our New Jersey members know they can vote and should request their ballots immediately to ensure they receive the correct ballot for both the Primary and General elections! 

    What's at stake in this election?

    Voting rights: After fighting a nearly 5-year struggle to restore our voting rights, which were unjustly taken away in 2017 by Republican Chris Christie, we must now fight to keep them! 

    In the last election, Democrats lost seats by just a little over 500 votes. Many Democrats who did win had margins of victory that were razor-thin. This has emboldened Republicans who came out in full force against our voting rights bill. If we lose this election, we could lose our right to vote in state elections again. Overseas votes will be the margin of victory in 2023.  

    Why do state elections matter?

    Balance of Power:  

    • Governor Murphy abided by the environmental regulations set forth by the Paris Accords when our Republican President refused.
    • Imagine returning home and not having reproductive choice? This can be a reality if we do not win state elections. 
    • Medical insurance regulations: In some countries, Americans do not qualify for medical insurance because they are not permanent residents or citizens of that country. They need to get their medical insurance back home in NJ. 
    • As a result of conservative Justice Thomas’ suggestion that the court should “reconsider” cases that had affirmed LGBTQ rights, NJ state Democratic legislators passed a bill, which was signed by Governor Murphy, which guarantees marriage equality in New Jersey law by providing that all laws concerning marriage and civil union are to be read with gender neutral intent. For overseas voters, getting married in the United States may be the only option for LGBTQ+, if their host country does not support it.
    • State Decisions regarding Net Neutrality and the Climate Crisis impact our communications and environment all over the world.

    NJ Programs and more: Overseas voters count on programs and state-funded institutions back home, such as the 24-hour hotline for veterans, higher education funding through the Higher Education Assistance Authority (HESSA), state student loan interest rates, and more. Overseas voters have a stake in state elections, and we need to vote to keep our voting rights!