• Sunday, April 16, 2023 at 03:00 PM Amsterdam Time
    Poki (A sign will be attached to the door) in Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Annual General Meeting & Elections

    We are pleased to announce the 2023 Annual General Meeting (AGM) held in-person and via Zoom on Sunday, April 16th at 3:00 PM. The AGM is a great opportunity to come together, re-set, elect the new board, and learn about the work of the past year and going forward. Following the event we will hold a borrel. 

    The AGM will last about 90 minutes with the following proposed agenda:

    • 2022 Year In Review
    • Financial Report
    • Bylaws Revisions
    • GOTV Update
    • Taxation Task Force Update
    • Elections of new Executive Committee
    • Borrel

    All members in good standing will be able to elect the next Executive Committee for a two year term. Additionally, we will vote on proposed bylaw amendments. A draft of these bylaws will be posted for all members to see ahead of the meeting.

    More Information on our Elections:

    • A Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC) will be formed. This is a group of DA members who are not running for election who will conduct our elections in a free,open and transparent manner.
    • The NEC will post position descriptions and a nation wide call for Executive Committee candidates.
    • Candidates will be vetted for being a member in good standing, candidate statements will be collected and posted ahead of the meeting.
    • During the AGM the elections will be held, voting will be allowed in person or electronically. Participation is available in-person or on Zoom.