Voting By Proxy for the 2017 Annual General Meeting

We strongly encourage all members to attend the AGM as a quorum is necessary to validate the election results. All members who joined DANL before 11 March are eligible to vote by proxy (you can find the form here). New members can vote in person on 25 March, provided they have joined any time up to an hour before the meeting, or by 14.00. Proxies can be downloaded, signed and handed to a designee attending the AGM. One designee can have no more than two proxies for voting.

Additionally, the minutes to the 2016 AGM can be found here.

DANL 2017 ExCom Election Candidate Statements

Below are the statements for all candidates of the DANL 2017 Executive Committee Elections:

Kendra Borgen

Candidate for  Chair

Having volunteered in elections for 18 years, I decided to put my hand up and ran for the at-large position in 2015. In my near decade in Holland watching the US political situation unfold in front of me, I was frustrated by what I witnessed and yet felt powerless in action. Being on the Democrats Abroad ExCom changed that.

Coming from both a red state (Alaska) with very few votes in congress and the fewest amount of electoral votes I never truly felt effective in my voting power.  Serving on the board really helped me to understand just how powerful my voice could be.  It gives you a chance to make a difference in every election.

I've decided to run for the Chair position this time because I take Bernie Sanders' message very seriously; if you want something done you have to go do it! Those who have come before me have done an excellent job and if chosen to lead, I feel we are already off to a good start.

There are a few strengths I bring with me:

1. Youth: in my experience in DA globally, few of the positions have been filled with people under the age of 40. I'd love to change that and inspire more young adults to be engaged.

2. Drive: Having worked for myself my entire life I've learned how to just make things work, finding a way to make things happen. We've got a lot of work to do in the coming 2 years and we'll need to find creative ways to get things done.

3. Motivation: I seem to inspire and encourage people to come together in action. I love bringing people in and getting them revved up to get working. DA Netherlands could work on activating more members. Everyone wants to 'do something' - especially now, but many are uncertain what or how. I want to make it more clear that DA is an all volunteer organization, maybe some of us have titles, but we only work when all of us are working together. I'm happy to use my skills from running 2 successful business to active many of the 30.000+ Americans who live in The Netherlands, to work towards our collective goals of more progressive values in D.C. 

I'd be honored to serve as Chair and I'm looking forward to driving Democrats Abroad- Netherlands forward towards the 2018 elections.


Robbie Checkoway

Candidate for Vice Chair

As a Massachusetts voter living in Amsterdam for 15 years, my own vote in a comfortably blue state just isn’t enough for me. I’m thankful to count Democrats Abroad as my ‘state party’, because it means I can help influence the outcome of elections in every state and every Congressional district across the country.

I’ve worked within Democrats Abroad since 2000, first as our local NL vice chair and then chair. In the global organization, I’ve served as international secretary, vice chair and DNC member. My proudest accomplishment in all this time is working on the original team that created back in 2004-2006.

I’ve written and read a lot of these candidate statements over the years. We’re all passionate about electing Democrats and advancing progressive politics. For me, the key criteria in choosing leaders is simple: What skills can you bring to the table? My top three are:

COMMUNICATION. I’m an advertising copywriter by trade, crafting messaging for products and brands. For Democrats Abroad Netherlands, our top challenge is getting the word out and getting our US voters registered.

ORGANIZING. For DA, I’ve worked on everything from local speakers and fundraisers to our Global Primary and Democratic National Convention delegation.

NETWORKING. It’s all about who you know and how you activate them. As a freelance professional, I live-or-die by my network, which includes a fair share of the expat creative community in Amsterdam. I also offer experience navigating the complexities of our own party infrastructure.

It would be a privilege to serve our group in the role of vice chair at this critical juncture. Thank you for your consideration


Jeff Rupp

Candidate for Legal Counsel 

Experience and qualifications:

Member of Democrats Abroad Netherlands for more than 14 years, chair since 2015. Vote in Virginia.

A lawyer with many years of experience in Washington DC; held senior positions during Clinton administration, while volunteering in AIDS fundraising, education and services.

Moved to the Netherlands 16 years ago to be with my Dutch partner.

Public Affairs Director at a non-profit financial sector association.

I’m been involved with the Democrats Abroad Netherlands for many years, helping with rank-and-file tasks such as voter registration, development and fundraising, while at the same time meeting many dedicated members. It’s been gratifying to see our dramatic growth both in size and effectiveness during those years. The friendships I’ve developed with other Americans living in the Netherlands through DANL are also important to me.

For the past two years I’ve served as Chair of Democrats Abroad Netherlands. In that role I helped to lead the Executive Committee and organize our community building, member outreach and voter registration efforts.

While the outcome of the November elections was deeply disappointing, I believe the challenges ahead of us is to engage our members’ energy, passion and enthusiasm across a broad front of activities designed to ensure all eligible voters are informed, registered and vote. We need to build on the successes we’ve achieved and focus on making gains in the mid-term elections to ensure that our shared values of fairness, justice and equality are furthered, despite the current President and Congress, and that our voices are heard.

I’m committed to that goal and would be honored to serve as Legal Counsel of Democrats Abroad Netherlands. I hope you will support me. 


Tre’ Shawn L. Griffin

Candidate for Secretary

I’m Tre’ Shawn Griffin and I am willing and able. In my hometown of Akron, Ohio, I gained a love of politics and public service in my pre-teens. I started out by volunteering for museums, hospitals, and as a military kid camp counsellor. I than began volunteering for local political campaigns, presidential campaigns, and student government. After studying in England and the Netherlands, I recently graduated from university with a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in History. I believe that our party needs to represent the people it serves and that it must be more inclusive. Public service is my biggest passion, for, how can one complain without putting forward the smallest amount of effort?

I’m running for Secretary because I’m willing and able. I’m running because of my passion for detailed work and administrative experience working on political campaigns. With many years of philanthropic volunteerism experience and being the local Digital Captain for Hillary’s campaign, in Ohio and from the Netherlands alike.  This role was created specifically for me; I worked on reaching voters, promoting events, and sharing campaign news via social media throughout North-East Ohio. In 2016, I did freelance secretarial work for Democrats Abroad Netherlands. All of which, have given me a plethora of clerical, interpersonal, planning, and scheduling skills, that will benefit me as Secretary.

In closing, let the displeasure within our party and our loss last November; serve as a true rallying cry. I want to help build a truly inclusive Democratic Party that captures the voices that represent the diversity of America. Pressing to make sure the voices of Democrats Abroad are heard and included creating a truly unified party. We must not shun change, nor lack in inclusion, nor falter on platform. United we must resist and persist. We must be. And I am. Willing and able.


Bob Bragar

Candidate for Treasurer

I would be honored to be elected for a second term as treasurer of Democrats Abroad Netherlands. During my first term, I helped increase our financial resources from just a few hundred euros to over €4000.  Sad to say, but money is the lifeblood of politics. We can't work without it. And we must ensure that we handle our money with integrity and within the strict requirements of the Democratic Party. I can do that for you.

The mid-term elections for Congressional and State offices will  come up fast, and this financing will help us fight to regain Democratic control. We must have an effective treasurer in place at this important moment.

My presence on the executive committee would bring continuity as well as vital contacts with DA International, our mother organization. I served as Chair of DA Netherlands from 2007 until 2011, and worked as hard as I could for the election and reelection of Barack Obama, a man whom I have met and admire more than any other. After that, I was legal counsel of Democrats Abroad Netherlands and Chair of DA’s Platform Committee. In the U.S., I have represented Democrats Abroad on the Democratic National Committee and at national conventions.

Professionally, I'm a retired lawyer and member of the bar in New York and Washington DC. 

I hope you will vote for me, and let me continue our important work for Democrats Abroad.


Bill Bien

Candidate for Member-At-Large

I am asking for your consideration as a member at large member of the Democrats Abroad Netherlands chapter.  It would be an honor to serve our organization and to help our Democrat community take back the Congress in 2018!  Serving as a Democrat is a life-long pursuit of mine, starting from when I was raised on a small farm in Ohio, led volunteer diversity campaigns on my college campus, to when I moved west to California and began serving in local politics and presidential campaigns.

Like most of us, I have been a political activist for a while.  I would like to draw upon this experience to help DA Netherlands contribute to the Democratic Party’s success in 2018 and then in 2020. My campaign work includes voter registration, and get–out–the vote actions for the Gore and Kerry campaigns. I also organized and participated in local elections for school boards and school parcel taxes.  I also served as a caucus officer in the California Democratic Party for two years during this time frame.  Locally I served for four years, first a member and then the chairperson for the Mountain View California Humans Relations Committee (the city’s civil rights commission), and then briefly as an Environmental Planning Commissioner before moving overseas.   My moves overseas to Australia and now to  the Netherlands have focused my efforts on fundraising for the Obama and Clinton campaigns.   

After our defeat in November, I recognize that I should do more to help us win again.  My reasoning is based on my interactions with my teenage children who have watched the USA and were shocked by what they see.  It has been hard for them to accept our defeat, as it has been for me.  However, I have explained that the USA is a great country where diversity, civil rights, and equality matter.  What we see now is a reaction against the economic turbulence working class people suffered in the center of our country.  Unfortunately, the Republican party capitalized on this and support of these voters.  We, the Democrats, as the party of working class voters,  need to reconnect with these voters as well as register as many Americans abroad from these areas as Democrats, and then motivate them to vote. 

My experience has prepared me to help do this as a member of the DA Netherlands leadership team.  So, I would like to ask for your vote so I can help us increase voter registration and get-out-the vote activities within our expatriate community.  

2017 Annual General Meeting Proxy Form

Important Notice Regarding the 2017 DANL AGM -

The 2017 AGM Proxy Form can be found here.


2017 Executive Committee Position Descriptions


Democrats Abroad Netherlands’ bylaws state: The Chair shall be the chief executive officer of DANL; shall call and preside at all meetings of the membership and of the Executive Committee; and shall have overall responsibility for all activities approved and conducted by DANL. The Chair shall be an ex-officio member of all committees, with full voting privileges thereon.

Purpose: To provide overall direction for the activities of Democrats Abroad Netherlands (DANL).

Accountabilities: Overall responsibility to help formulate DANL’s goals and strategic direction and ensure it achieves these. The Chair is expected (but not required) to attend Democrats Abroad International’s annual regional and global meetings and reports to the Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Regional Chair and the International Chair.

Dimensions: Represent DANL, communicate its goals, and maintain and foster good relations with the DANL membership, Democrats Abroad International, the American expat community at large, the local and international media, the Dutch political and social community. Promote and expand local activities.

Estimated time required: 
In general: about 5 hours per week 
Presidential election year: 10-20 hours per week

Financial commitment: All travel and many incidental expenses are out of pocket.

Recommended experience and qualifications: Experience with organizational leadership, good representation and communications skills, management ability and the ability to create synergy within diverse groups and interests.

Key competences: Articulate, public speaking, visionary, leadership, inclusive, positive, flexible, team player, good social skills

Vice Chair

Democrats Abroad Netherlands’ bylaws state: In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair shall call and preside at general membership meetings and meetings of the Executive Committee; and may attend and vote at meetings of committees in the Chair’s absence. The Vice-Chair shall further have such other duties as the Chair shall define and delegate. Additional requirement: The Vice-Chair must be the opposite sex of the Chairperson.

Purpose: To assist the Chair in identifying, promoting and supporting the goals of Democrats Abroad Netherlands (DANL).

Accountabilities: To stand in for the Chair as and when needed. To organize and attend DANL and third party events.

Dimensions: Represent DANL, communicate its goals, and maintain and foster good relations with the DANL membership, Democrats Abroad International, the American expat community at large, the local and international media, the Dutch political and social community. Promote and expand local activities.

Estimated time required: 
In general: 5-10 hours per week 
Presidential election year: 10-15 hours per week

Financial commitment: All travel and many incidental expenses are out of pocket.

Special challenges: The vice-chair is also expected (but not required) to attend Democrats Abroad International’s annual regional and/or global meetings, at personal expense.

Recommended experience and qualifications: Past and/or current membership in voluntary and/or community organizations. Ability to take initiative as well as follow the Chair’s lead.

Key competences: Articulate, public speaking, visionary, leadership, inclusive, positive, flexible, team player, good social skills

Recommendation: A willingness to speak to the media, the ability to lead and inspire others.


Democrats Abroad Netherlands' bylaws state: The Secretary shall maintain a current list of the members of Democrats Abroad Netherlands which shall include a member's name, mail and e-mail addresses, telephone number(s), U.S. voting district/State and other such information as the Democratic Party Committee Abroad (DPCA) requires. The Secretary shall take minutes of all membership and Executive Committee meetings and maintain all files and administrative records of DANL.

Purpose: To maintain a current, valid and complete list of DANL members. To maintain the records of DANL, including minutes of all meetings, files and administrative records.

Accountabilities: Responsible for processing membership requests and verifying the accuracy of DANL membership records; maintenance of all other official records of DANL

Dimensions: Receive, respond to, and/or distribute queries from DANL applicants and members by email/phone/post. The DANL Secretary is also expected to attend DANL events and to represent DANL at third party events such as voter registration drives, fairs, receptions and other means of promoting the organization and its goals.

Time requirement: In general: 1-5 hours per week; 5-10 hours per week during election years.

Recommended experience and qualifications: Working knowledge of (or willingness to learn) web-based databases and CRM (customer relation management) software.

Key competencies: Excellent organizational skills, detail-oriented, computer-literate, team player, flexible.


Democrats Abroad Netherlands’ bylaws state: The Treasurer shall manage the finances of DANL; prepare periodic financial reports to the membership; and prepare and maintain such financial reports as may be required by law, including without limitation any laws and regulations of the United States and the several States applicable to political parties and contributions to them.

Purpose: To maintain the financial records of Democrats Abroad Netherlands (DANL), and ensure that all appropriate donation records are kept in accordance with the campaign finance rules that pertain to DANL.

Accountabilities: Maintain bank and other accounts, ensure that all finance records on file are kept in such a manner that they are easily retrievable and reviewable. Prepare reports for each Executive Committee meeting (for examination by the Executive Committee) and at the Annual General Meetings (for examination by the membership), in which all information on income and expenses must be reported.

Dimensions: The Treasurer is expected to attend DANL events and to represent DANL at third party events such as voter registration drives, fairs, receptions and other means of promoting the organization and its goals. Promote and expand local activities.

Estimated time required: 
In general: 1 – 8 hours per week 
Presidential election year (and when receivables/payables traffic is higher): more than 8 hours per week

Financial commitment: All travel and many incidental expenses are out of pocket.

Recommended experience and qualifications: Knowledge of the Dutch banking system and online payment systems (such as PayPal), knowledge of campaign finance regulations

Key competences: Organizational and financial skills, team player, good social skills


Democrats Abroad Netherlands’ bylaws state: The Counsel shall advise the Executive Committee and its individual officers on legal and procedural questions relating to Democrats Abroad Netherlands and its activities. The Counsel shall consult with the International Counsel from time to time on emergent matters, when needed or requested by the Chair or the Executive Committee

Purpose: Advise on legal issues, e.g. compliance with U.S. Federal Election Law, campaign finance law, etc.

Accountabilities: Any and all legal correspondence, claims, or charges. Legal advice to protect and support the goals of Democrats Abroad Netherlands (DANL)

Dimensions: Primary interaction is within the Executive Committee and with any official institution focused on legal issues or tasks. The Counsel is also expected to attend DANL events and to represent DANL at third party events such as voter registration drives, fairs, receptions and other means of promoting the organization and its goals. Promote and expand local activities.

Time Requirements: 
In general: 1-5 hours per week 
Presidential election year: 5-10 hours per week

Special challenges: Some of the most challenging legal questions arise because the chapter operates outside the United States, and election law places strict limits on dealings with non-U.S. citizens and corporations, particularly with respect to accepting donations.

Financial commitment: All travel and incidental expenses are out of pocket

Recommended experience and qualifications: Legal expertise or training

Key competences: Thorough, responsible, team player


Democrats Abroad Netherlands’ bylaws state: Two Members-at-Large [will be] elected from among the eligible members of the organization. 

Purpose: To act as a sounding board and give input at executive committee (excom) meetings. Support the goals of Democrats Abroad Netherlands (DANL)

Accountabilities: Any tasks mutually agreed upon within the Executive Committee (excom).

Dimensions: Interact with the other board members within the excom as well as foster and maintain good relations within the DANL and American expat community. Promote and expand local activities.

Time Requirements: 
In general: 1 or more hours per week 
Presidential election year: 5-15 hours per week

Financial commitment: All travel and many incidental expenses are out of pocket.

Special challenge: As this position is not defined, members-at-large should be self-motivating and flexible, and be able to recognize, create and execute supportive tasks and roles within DANL.

Key competences: Team-player, open-minded, responsible, good personality 

Executive Committee Elections 2017

All members are welcome!

Every two years, all positions on the DANL Executive Committee (Excom) come up for election. On behalf of the DANL Nominations and Election Committee, I’d like to inform you that candidates will present themselves and voting will take place at:

The DANL Annual General Meeting and Elections Date: Saturday, March 25, 2017

Time: 3:00 ­ 5:00 PMLocation: Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam – in the Harry Mulischzaal on the 6th Floor, Oosterdokskade 143 (close to Amsterdam Central Station)

All ExCom positions are up for election.

Want to find out more about the different Excom positions? Click here for more details.

-Chair­ -Vice Chair­ -Secretary­ -Treasurer­ -Counsel­ -2 Members-­at-­Large

Please note: on February 12, the monthly Dems Gathering in Amsterdam at De Prael won’t be held in order to accommodate an Information meeting.

Instead, on February 12 we’re hosting a gathering from 3:30 – 5:30 at a private address in Amsterdam to inform members about DANL, the role of the Excom and how to run for office. We hope you’ll join us. To RSVP and get location details, email us.

Important dates

March 8, Deadline for the nominating of candidates March 8, Candidate statements are due March 11, Candidates’ statements and voting ballots available online March 24, Deadline for voting by email March 25, Annual General Meeting + proxy voting

Warm regards,

Jeff Rupp Chair, DANL 



For immediate release
September 13, 2016

U.S. Democrats in the Netherlands to cast deciding votes to elect Clinton and a Democratic Congress?

Democrats Abroad Netherlands mobilizing U.S. citizen voters ahead of deadlines to request overseas absentee ballots

Democrats Abroad is currently helping Americans in the Netherlands request their ballots for the U.S. general election this November. U.S. citizens can get help at in-person events and through our online tool, In the next month, members of Democrats Abroad in cities across the Netherlands will be registering voters at weekly events, phone banking members, and will be on hand to answer voter questions at the “i am not a tourist” Expat Fair at the Beurs van Berlage October 2.  This mirrors the efforts of Democrats Abroad around the world, whose chapters are hard at work supporting the 6.7 million U.S. citizens living abroad who are eligible to vote this year.  These efforts include social media outreach and phone banking to members of Democrats Abroad, which for the first time is being conducted and co-ordinated online. At a global level, the Help Desk is also providing 24/7 voter assistance to anyone who has questions about how to register and where to send their ballot.

Jeff Rupp, Chair of Democrats Abroad Netherlands said:
"Democrats living in the Netherlands are working hard to make sure every American knows how to request a ballot and that they get their ballot returned in time for it to count. We want to ensure Americans also understand the stakes in this election and that Hillary is the choice for everyone who wants to make sure Trump doesn’t undo all the gains President Obama fought so hard for with health care, marriage equality, and a recovering economy after the worst recession in any of our lifetimes. Because of these efforts, we expect more votes to be cast from U.S. citizens in the Netherlands than in 2008 or 2012."

Katie Solon, International Chair of Democrats Abroad said:
"Democrats Abroad makes it easy for Americans to vote around the world through our online voter registration site, our global outreach and our voter help desk. We are seeing a huge increase in voter registration this year and anticipate a record turnout in November.”  

For more information and interview requests, contact Megan Janicke +31 0611417369


Memorial Day 2016

On behalf of Democrats Abroad Netherlands, DANL Chair Jeff Rupp laid a wreath at the Memorial Day ceremony at the Netherlands American Cemetery at Margraten, Limburg.

8,301 American soldiers who died in World War II are buried there, and 1,722 soldiers missing in action are honored at this vast cemetery of 65 acres.

It was a moving ceremony, where wreaths were laid by representatives of NATO member-States and many civil organizations. We can be proud of the ultimate sacrifice that so many of our compatriots made for our freedom.


Americans in the Netherlands help select Democratic Presidential candidate

  • U.S. Democrats living in the Netherlands can vote in person for their favorite candidate on March 6 and 7at a Global Presidential Primary voting site
  • Americans living in the Netherlands can also vote now by postal ballot, email or fax
  • The Netherlands is one of more than 40 around the world hosting in-person voting

Democrats Abroad Netherlands, the official arm of the Democratic Party outside the United States, has launched its campaign to help Americans citizens living abroad to nominate the U.S. Democratic Party's Presidential nominee. (1) 

Any Democrat living abroad (2) can take part in the Global Presidential Primary by joining Democrats Abroad via its webpage or the dedicated voter registration/ballot request tool, Membership is free.

There are two opportunities for Americans in the Netherlands to vote in the Global Presidential Primary:

  • On March 6 and 7, Democrats can vote in person at dedicated Global Presidential Primary voting sites in Amsterdam and the Hague. Site details and polling hours are below.
  • From now until March 8, Democrats who are unable to attend a voting site can vote remotely via postal ballot, email attachment or fax. Details at (3)

After March 8, the votes of Democrats living in over 190 countries worldwide will be counted. Any candidate receiving 15% or more of the primary votes cast will be awarded delegates in proportion to their support in the Global Presidential Primary.

Democrats Abroad will have 17 delegate votes at the Democratic Convention, held in Philadelphia on July 25-28, 2016. (4)

From the Netherlands, Democratic National Committee member Bob Bragar will be attending the convention in Philadelphia as a delegate. He said, "This year's Republican candidates are more extreme and dangerous than ever before. While Democrats offer hope, Republicans give us fear. For the safety of the planet, we urgently need to elect Democrats this year. Every Democrat needs to get out and vote."

"We are at the start of the U.S. state primary season. The Democratic and Republican Parties will be making their choices for their Presidential candidates" said Jeff D. Rupp, Chair of Democrats Abroad Netherlands. "The DA Global Primary will give our members a chance to cast an in-person ballot from abroad for their candidate. Any qualified American can participate by joining Democrats Abroad."

For more information: contact Robbie Checkoway, Media Contact, Democrats Abroad Netherlands, at or +31 6 13 06 78 56


Global Primary - Amsterdam

Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 3:00 - 6:00pm

ABC Treehouse, Voetboogstraat 11

Amsterdam 1012 XK 

Global Primary - The Hague

Monday, March 7, 2016 at 6:00 - 9:00pm

ABC Treehut, Lange Poten 23

The Hague 2511 CM 



  1. Democrats Abroad is unique: unlike the Republicans, Democrats Abroad's leadership is elected by the organization's members, and only Democrats Abroad holds a dedicated primary, which allows the members living in more than 190 countries around the world the opportunity to record their presidential preference and directly affect the Democratic Party's choice of its nominee.
  2. To be eligible, voters must be US citizens and 18 as of November 8. Democrats living overseas can vote for a Presidential candidate in either the Global Presidential Primary or their home state's equivalent via absentee ballots. They cannot vote in both.
  3. Democrats Abroad holds a combination of regional and worldwide caucus meetings from April 12-May 13, 2016, to choose who will be the delegates to the Democratic National Convention. These meetings will culminate in Democrats Abroad's Global Convention in Berlin on May 14-15, 2016
  4. Democrats Abroad will send a total of 21 delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The thirteen elected delegates will be pledged to a candidate. Eight more will be Democrats Abroad's members on the Democratic National Committee. These eight delegates each have half a vote, therefore giving Democrats Abroad a total of 17 delegate votes at the convention. A detailed summary of the process of selecting delegates as well as our Diversity Program for those who wish to run to be a delegate can be found at our new website,

Welcome to Democrats Abroad Netherlands!

Democrats Abroad Netherlands
 is one of 70 country groups around the world, organizing local events and activities to encourage participation in the U.S. political process. Watch this space for upcoming announcements of meetings and events - we have events planned throughout the year, and encourage anyone interested in participating to get in touch

Voter outreach
Our volunteers are trained to help all Americans exercise their right to vote from overseas. We assist at events, and have also been part of the driving force behind the creation of the online voter registration tool, - an easy-to-use program that respects your privacy (no information is collected or stored). If you would like to volunteer to help, contact us by email

Guest speakers
Our past guests have included former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, best-selling author William Rivers Pitt award-winning investigative journalist Greg Palast, Professor Andy Tanenbaum of and LGBT activist Dan Choi

Join our Facebook group - or sign up for the International Democrats Abroad Facebook page to interact with members around the world!

Want to know more?
Contact us for more information on who we are, what we are doing in the Netherlands and how you can get involved.

Kendra Borgen, Chair

Democrats Abroad Netherlands


Image credit: Geert Heuvels (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)